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where is my Roboform toolbar?

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my Roboform toolbar disappeared using version 20 of firefox. just updated to version 22 and still no roboform toolbar showing in View toolbars... but of course it works fine in Internet Explorer, which I don't want to use -- so fix it please.

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Firefox Menu > View > Toolbars > [x]Roboform

Reinstall your Roboform Toolbar

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ok I downloaded the toolbar like u suggested and still no toolbar showing under the view menu. now what?

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The problem is in Firefox 22. Reinstall Firefox 21 and the toolbar returns. You can get 21 at moderator removed non-official download URL

Then go to Firefox > Options > Advanced, select the Advanced tab and change updates to Check For Updates so 22 doesn't automatically reinstall itself.

Firefox 21 is available here:

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There is a new Roboform update and it does generate a Roboform toolbar for Firefox 22

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RoboForm does work in Firefox 22.0 Beta, If you go to the following location:


You will see the RoboForm toolbar their with a check tic next to it. Now if you look underneath the Back Arrow on the Firefox Browser (or under the orange firefox menu rectangle) at the top left of your screen you will see the RoboForm Icon and all its goodies. For the far sighted there is no "word" RoboForm there just the little green icon and the tools. I have attached a pic of the upper left side of my browser to show you all.

I have tested it and it does work.

Your welcome in advance


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Locking this thread which was started a full month before Firefox 22 was even released, and Roboform hadn't made a Firefox 22 compatible version of their Firefox add-on.