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Flash crashing since Flash update to 11.5 and Firefox update to 17.

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About 4 days ago, Adobe Flash Player updated to 11.5 and started crashing multiple times a day. So when Firefox updated to 17 today, I immediately uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled the new versions in hope that the problems would be fixed. When that wasn't the case, I followed all the steps for Flash 11.3 and nothing has worked. This is only happening in Firefox. Flash works fine in Google Chrome and in Internet Explorer. My school's primary requirement is that I use Firefox with Flash to do my schoolwork. This is an issue if I have to restart Firefox multiple times during my session. 25% of all Flash crashes also crash Firefox. I need help soon.

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SeaMonkey is another browser by Mozilla. http://www.seamonkey-project.org/

I have no idea if my "fix" would be helpful to you. I'm not a tech nor do I understand coding. Since disabling the pop-up blocker in Total Defense (my security system) worked system wide, I doubt it's something that will help everyone with their issues. I looked over in Adobe's forum discussions ( http://forums.adobe.com/community/flashplayer/using_flashplayer) and I think the outcry over there makes it an Adobe coding issue rather than our individual browsers or securities. From what I understand of coding, one change can affect companion programs differently. Unless there's a way to access Adobe's code, I don't know what would work for everyone else. I used SeaMonkey because there's a way to look at incoming code. I do not know if Firefox has that capability. (Any Mozilla people reading this who can either answer or confirm my code approach would help others?)

If you haven't been to Adobe's forum, give them a read. Maybe something you see there will spark an idea for you.

A word about viewing the code: My husband has a coding background so he was able to look at things with me to guide. So unless you have an idea of what you're looking at, this whole suggestion is moot.

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They removed my second reply for some strange reason. It was to disable the protection code Mozilla wrote to deal with the security issue Adobe Flash Player had back 3 updates ago. A lot of people said they weren't allowed by there systems to do it. That is because it has to be done by an administrator account. What's sad is Adobe won't let many of us post and they are ignoring those who do. They don't want to admit that they fucked up badly. But if they don't, then they are going to hurt a lot of people and companies. This issue is currently getting in the way of the relationship between Evony (a flash player game I play) and Facebook.

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I just found out that Adobe has deleted that thread. What does that tell you?

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How could Adobe delete the thread IF this is Mozilla's community support. AND what if YOU are the administrator and you STILL can't change the code.

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@crazycappy-- he means an adobe forum, not mozilla.

@dan2me76-- for some reason when I click the link I listed, it does say it's deleted. But when I go back to the forum topics, I can access it. Go to the community main page, click on Flash and, in the column on the right, click on "using flashplayer"

Sorry I can't help you both more... I understand how frustrating it is.

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At this point there IS NO help til Adobe fixes the F*** UP or come up with Flash 11.6 and Pretty D***ed Quick.

Edited for language. See Mozilla Support rules and guidelines. aw

Изменено AliceWyman

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Sounds to me as if you have more problems then just Flash crashing. I didn't have that problem on either of my computers. My laptop was wiped and Windows 7 reinstalled on a blank drive.

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No. I didn't have a problem on the last version of Flash.

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I am having this same issue. The Flash 11.5.502 plugin is causing any page with flash content to freeze and give a "not responding" message. I have tried the ProtectedMode=0 trick with no success.

At the moment, when I disable the flash plugin... everything works fine. I have currently moved to Chrome for the time being because I have no issues with Flash on it. I have uninstalled Firefox and flash and reinstalled both Firefox and the plugin only to have it not work.

I don't know who is responsible for this but my guess is Flash... no surprise HTML5 is in the midst of making it irrelevant because of this kind of nonsense. If anyone has a solution, I would love to hear it but at this point, I don't see there being an "easy" fix other than a new version of firefox or the flash plugin to get rid of the issue.

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I have no issues of Flash shutting down on Internet Explorer. Seems like the only Internet Browsers that work are Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

   *Moderator Edit*

Изменено Matt_G

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mine still not working right in any browser.. firefox, chrome or chromium based.. have done the following troubleshooting steps (as reccommended by mozilla, adobe, chrome n flash game developers)

complete removal including leftover files after running programs uninstall of flash n java

removed realplayer and all associated files

removed "protected mode" from flash in firefox and alternately for chrome..disabled integrated flash and installed manually

did try downgrading flash as mozilla suggests and that failed because the games i play all required most recent version of flash

disabled hardware acceleration

disabled all anti virus/firewall/debuggers/pop up blockers etc...

i also took it one step further n installed an addon that lets u choose which flash items on the screen u want to "play flash" which, whencombined with disabling hardware acceleration, enabled me to play for a bit until a pop up froze the page and ultimately flash crashed.

i not sure bout firefox because i had all non-essential programs turned off whilst troubleshooting.. but when flash is running in chrome n i look in task manager i see 3-4 listings of chrome running in the processes tab (not a pro by any means so not sure if has any relevance)

i also kno that my cpu usage goes out the window when flash is crashing

sorry so long no real solution either but just hoping someone can put it all together n get this resolved thanks

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I have tried all the above issues as well.

When flash crashes - I have had to uninstall flash and firefox to get to work again. IE and Chrome continue to work fine (I assume it is because it is built in??)

It normally crashes when on a flash chat - or flash audio/video (ESPN3 streams) or Audio streams of other..

For example after the crash - Youtube has everything shifted to the left or doesnt look right . Flash Chat I can still see people chatting but I can not submit Flash Audio works on a rare occasion.

This happens in Win8 (Factory install) - Newest Flash from Site, or 10.x Firefox versions 17, 18 beta and a 19 Aurora version as well..

Is there a way to "recover" without having to uninstall?


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I don't SERIOUSLY think ANYTHING works to keep Adobe Flash 11.5 from crashing UNTIL Adobe gets off it's ass and comes up with a BETTER version of flash. At this point NONE of the past solutions are working.

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I agree.. I think its part Mozilla issues part Adobe Issues.. Part WIn Issues. If IE, and Chrome had no problems.. then...

But I think I will just deal with Chrome till things get straight.. I need flash to do work online.

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Sometimes I don't have any issues when I use Internet Explorer if Flash constantly crashes. But it seems like the crashes are SOMEWHAT getting under control. And I do mean SOMEWHAT to a great extent.

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I'm using Mountain Lion and Firefox 17. In uninstalled and reinstalled Flash 11.5.502.136 a couple of time and the second time it worked. Or at least it works for now.


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I was having similar problems with Firefox 17/Flash 11.5 so I downgraded to Flash 10.3 and now the problem persists where it didn't before but it's just one instance of a freeze before I regain control but it's enough to slow my PC down to where I need to reboot. C'mon, Mozilla. I've been faithful for a lot of years to Firefox. Go yell at Adobe to fix things. Don't make me go to Chrome.

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Man, I even try disabling protected mode and it STILL crashed! This is beyond ridiculous. I'm just uninstalling flash until I see a new update for either or both Firefox and Flash happens.

Изменено GuitarAnthony

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I've got this problem also. I had no mozilla crashes for several monthes, and all started just after the adobe flash 11.5 update. Not possible anymore to enjoy youtube videos, without fear for freazing or crashes ! BUT I THINK I COULD HAVE A SOLUTION.... After having read a contribution about popup blockers, I've tried and deactivated adblock plus (one of my favourites !). Since then I have ads again (looks awkward ! I'm not used anymore to all these ads) BUT it seems to work; I could view lots of flash videos without having a crash ! I'll keep on testing. Does it work for you ?

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I never had a problem with youtube videos. I uninstalled Flash and I still had a slowdown on my pc leading me to believe something else is afoot. No viruses, no malware, so it's just odd.

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