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Using Aurora for android with a brand new Asus TF300T - have setup sync on my home PC and my Tablet, and the only sync my tablet's been able to do is one from

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a number of years ago - is there any way to force a manual sync of Aurora to my desktop firefox? I have manually synced the desktop but can see no way to manually do it.

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Have now cleared my synced history (twice), removed my aurora account, confirmed on aurora that is no longer synced and the account is removed. Have readded my account manually on my tablet and resynced to what should be an empty account and it brings up four windows now, the very old window I referred to previously, the two cloned windows, and my browsing window.

Not sure what the problem is here - removed the synced account history twice to be sure that it was gone but the tab on sync still sees four windows on a fresh sync.

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Now that I've been able to palm the kids off to the wife, here is a log file


Steps taken during this log file

Desktop: Logged into account services. Cleared all synced data. Did NOT resync.

Tab: Cleared synced account, moved back to aurora to confirmed it was no longer synced. Re-entered my sync account details, manually resynced - four windows appeared.

By all accounts I should have nothing synced at present on my account, but the tab continues to return four windows, even on manual syncs.

This is the most recent update to Aurora also.

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I see nothing in that log that suggests that a sync has executed. Did you choose Menu > Sync Now on your Tab?

What do you mean by "four windows appeared"? Sync will add records to Fennec's list of tabs from other computers; it doesn't open or close any tabs in the browser itself.

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Yes I did - I went Menu - Sync now as you instructed earlier (from options, three dots in the top right corner, sync now, the cog spins for a little bit, then it states that the last sync was 7/7/2012 at 10:40am ( roughly about 40 minutes ago )

By "four windows appeared" I mean the same four windows that had previously shown up on my sync account (IE, 1x Browsing window, 2x streaming windows, 1x old window) however given that I've cleared my sync account, shouldn't this have no windows at all?

I'm running another manual sync at the minute which is taking its sweet time.

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Have just repeated the actions, starting to think it may be this tablet. It said after this last removal that it had resynced and when I try to do a manual sync at this point, it just sits there at the round syncing cog on the settings page for quite some time.

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Here's a second log.


Actions taken

Tab - Sync information removed, readded, manual resynced (3times - the tab went into sleep mode while chasing my kids so I had to remove the sleep timer). On the third sync it took 25 minutes before the syncing action "finished" and it retained the same "4 synced windows" I referred to previously.

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It looks like we're not understanding each other.

I'm getting confused because Firefox on Android doesn't have windows. After you sync on your mobile device, you're able to use a couple of user interface features to browse the tabs that your desktop devices have opened.

If you're talking about four boxes on the Firefox home screen, those are "top sites", not windows from your desktop.

Is that what you're referring to?

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Sorry if there's any misunderstandings - I'm aware that Aurora doesn't have any windows itself - however it does display the names of windows from the desktop, and the contents thereof.

"Tithin's firefox on Windows NT 6.1: WOW64" and then the names of the tabs and there are four seperate entries all labelled "tithin's firefox on Windows NT 6.1: WOW64" - two of these entries have identical tab listings.


This is a screenshot (finally was able to track down how to do it) of at least part of the listing after a manual sync.

Sorry for any confusion.

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