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In a shared computer if i browse in private browsing mode whether it is possible to track my browsing history in the server system.

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I am using a computer in my office which is a shared computer with the server so if i use the private browsing mode whether is it possible to track my browsing history in the server computer. I understand the private browsing mode will not save any browsing history in my system but my question is will the history save on the server computer or not.. please post me a detailed answer.

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The server firewall logs all outgoing and incoming connections, if it is any good at all; there's nothing "private" in a work LAN. Without more details about the LAN setup there, that's the best answer that can be provided.

Even with a direct connection to the internet, your ISP has a log of all incoming and outgoing connections made from your IP address. Using a proxy to connect to the internet may make you anonymous to the websites you visit, but that connection still goes through the firewall and the ISP - you can't be anonymous to them.