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Firefox goes into an endless loop with blue circular cursor at various times when trying to load a file.

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Firefox hangs up at times when I try to download a file. The hangup is evidenced by the Windows 7 spinning blue cursor going into an endless loop. The only way out if it is with "ctrl/alt/del". Sometimes I can cancel, and Firefox will be normal again, and other times I have to go on into "Taskmaster" and stop the process.

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I have had same problem in last 2 months....FF closes and disconnects for no reason and only solution is to restart the computer. Why can't you just pick up a phone and talk to someone??? We users are going round in circles in live chat.

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My problem was not that it quit, and I had to reboot to get things going again. My problem was that it would go into and endless loop while trying to load a page, and the only way I could stop it was to hit ctrl/alt/del. I'm using Windows 7 for my operating system. I never had these problems with Windows XP.

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Similar problem. An Email includes a URL, clicking on brings up a message including "click here" to link to an additional site. This bring up either the Windows7 rotating cursor and/or the message "stopped".

I copied the "click here" address (another URL) and pasted it into the IE8 browser, which succeeded in displaying the information. It worked, to my surprise but it is clumsy. Do I have to remove Firefox (3.6.6) and use only IE8?

Another system on my home network, using XP Home SP2, and FF 3.6.4 works fine in the same circumstances