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hyperlink + ctrl click opens the page in new tab in my website. it should open it in the same window of my website

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When i do a ctrl+hyperlink click in my website running in firefox, it opens up in a new tab, I dont want the ctrl+hyperlink click to open in new tab or new window. It should open in the same browser. (works as required in IE 7)

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

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Ctrl+left click on a link or bookmark will open in a new tab. That is a standard Firefox keyboard shortcut. Middle-click will do the same (Middle-click = press the scroll wheel). On the following page, scroll down to "Web Navigation" or Find (Ctrl+F), enter "Ctrl+lef" (without quotation marks) in the Find box. Read the footnote 4 about how to change from background tab to foreground tab.

See: http://www.7is7.com/software/firefox/shortcuts.html

To open a link or bookmark in the currently active tab, simply click on the link or bookmark. Your current tab will be over-written with the new link or bookmark.

The following page shows the shortcuts for IE7. Click "Working with tabs". It shows Ctrl+click will "Open links in a new tab in the background" and on the next line, it shows CTRL+SHIFT+click will "Open links in a new tab in the foreground".

See: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Internet-Explorer-keyboard-shortcuts#

Maybe you have installed something to change the shortcuts on your installation?

Other Issues: to correct security/stability issues

Update Java: your version; current version (important security update 04-15-2010) (Windows users: Do the manual update; very easy.) See: Updating Java Do the update with Firefox closed