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Widevine CDM plug-in issue. Not able to stream any video..

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I'm not able to stream any content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, channel 4, 5 using firefox. The error message is 'The widevine CDM plugin has crashed'. I looked up in preferences/ extensions and themes/ plug ins and it seems like the widevine CDM plug-in was automatically updated today (21.4.2021) and now it's crashing. My firefox is 78.10, the latest for OSX 10.9. Can anyone suggest how to resolve this ?

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I sugest reinstalling plug it could be.. things solve itself in maybe a new auto update, but that is hard to tell. Did this help you ?

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Does anyone know where or how we can access the previous version of widevine CDM? I don't think 4.10.2209.1 is compatible with Firefox 78/ Mac OSX 10.9. It's not possible to access directly from widevine.com as they instruct endusers to contact the service provide (ie. Mozilla).