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Stop download action on firefox

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I want to stop .jpg download action on firefox browser in smart phones. Is there a java script for that purpose?

Help me.

Thank you,


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Hi, you can actually set preference under the covers on Firefox.

Here are some steps you may try:

(1) Open a new tab to about:config (type about:config in the Awesomebar and tap the go arrow or tap Enter).

(2) In the search box, type perm and pause while Firefox filters the list

(3) Scroll down to permissions.default.image and tap it, then use the up arrow icon (^) to change the value from 1 to 2 (from "allow all" to "block all").

You can also look for an add-on if it is available.


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In current Firefox for Android releases is about:config only enabled in Nightly builds and not in release versions, so you won't be able to modify this pref.


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The developers are hoping to add image blocking to Firefox for Android toward the end of the year, but for now, you can use the uBlock Origin extension. You can install that using whichever of these lists that extension:

  • menu > Add-ons
  • menu > Add-ons > Add-on Manager

After installing:

menu > Add-ons > uBlock Origin

Cast your gaze down past the current site controls and tap Open the Dashboard

On the "Settings" panel, scroll/swipe down to the "Default behavior" section.

Turn on "Block media elements larger than" and set the desired size. Using 0 (zero) will block all images, audio, and video.

I have experimented with this for 90 seconds, so I'm sure there are more nuances, but:

  • To retrieve and display an image/video on a page, I just need to tap it (no idea about audio)
  • If the image is linked, a second tap activates the link
  • To make a site exception, I need to go to menu > Add-ons > uBlock Origin, then tap the relevant icon

Maybe that will help?

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By the way, I'm assuming you meant Firefox for Android. A moderator can move this thread to that forum.

If you are asking about iOS, it has completely different features based on Safari plumbing.


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