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Firefox Account Does Not Prompt for Password

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In order to get support for Firefox for Android, I had to create a Firefox account. I was surprised to find that in spite of creating a robust password, I have yet to be prompted for it. If I sign out and close Firefox, then go to http://support.mozilla.org, I click on Sign In and it takes me to Firefox Accounts and shows my email address in the sign-in box. When I click continue, it logs me in without a password. When I checked "Logins and Passwords", it displays "No logins found", so it didn't store the password there. Did Firefox store the password without asking? Is it encrypted? Where is it stored? Is this another shortcoming/omission of the new Firefox?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

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It sounds that you are connected to Sync and use the same Firefox account for SUMO and thus you can login without having to enter the password. It is likely that the credentials used for Sync are hidden on mobile and not shown in the Password Manager just like in Firefox for desktop where the chrome://FirefoxAccounts entry isn't visible. On desktop you can check the logins.json file in the profile folder, but this isn't possible in Firefox Daylight on mobile.

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Sync is not on. This not-prompted-for-password problem is happening on WIndows 10 version of Firefox where I am typing these posts.