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carbonite downloaded "favorites"; found them on HD; how get them to firefox?

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bought Win10 desktop. CARBONITE downloaded about 13GB of stuff, including "FAVORITES"

list is sitting on c/users/xxxxx/favorites

can't figure out how to get them on to firefox

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Are you trying to import bookmarks? What is CARBONITE?

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That looks like the Windows Favorites folder. If you open Internet Explorer (or Edge), does it see them there, or has that changed in Windows 10?

If those favorites are in the default Windows Favorites folder for the current user, then Firefox may be able to import them from there. Please see this article for more information: Import Bookmarks and other data from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Sometimes that yields an incomplete import. In that case, it's best to use the old bookmarks.html file format as an intermediary. I'm not sure how to export Favorites from Edge, or whether it's even possible. If you can run IE, then see:

Can you get them?

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Of course, if you are actually looking for old Firefox bookmarks, those are located in a different place.

First, make sure Windows allows you to see hidden files and folders. This article has the steps if needed: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/show-hidden-files

Next, drill down into the old profile and copy out a couple of recent backups to a more convenient location. You'll look here:


The file names include a data and bookmark count as well as random characters. I suggest copying the two latest to your current desktop or documents folder.

Then in Firefox, you can restore the backup file using the steps in this article: Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer. Use the "Choose file" option to find the backups in your desktop/documents, as the case may be.

Note: You might have bookmarked something already in Firefox, but those are not merged, they are replaced, so if they are essential, you can export your current bookmark set to the HTML format, which can be imported nondestructively after the restore. See:


And if it's of interest to find other old data: Recovering important data from an old profile