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Everything has synced except Tabs, why?

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I have a new laptop, and I want to Sync my tabs from ny old laptop, and my old desktop. Everything is set up correctly, I believe, but the tabs wont Sync. On the "Manage Sync" page should the device name be the new device or one of the old devices? I find your instructions very confusing.

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I also have this problem after Syncing my work laptop (which has about 20 open tabs) and my home PC. Both are Win 7x64 Pro and have the latest FF. I created the Sync account from the laptop and it seemed to work fine.

Went home.

Signed in, and again, it seemed to work fine. Bookmarks and add-ons synced, but when opening FF on the home PC, no tabs. Just the start page...

Help? For us all, please? Thanks!