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New firefox sync does not send verification email. I'm locked out.

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Once I installed the FirefoxDeveloperEdition, I tried to sync my datas, but noticed it didn't work. I dug a little and found there is a brand new Firefox Sync (maybe trying an old Firefox Sync account could notify the user it cannot add any new device).

So I followed the support article in order to migrate and disabled my old Firefox Sync first. Then I tried to register a new account, and I'm stuck at the email verification step. I click on the “send verification email” but I don't receive anything.

Now I cannot sync anything for two days, and can't figure what's wrong. I use the same email as this “mozilla support account”. I forgot my password so I did request for a password modification and received the email. Everything seems to work so far. Except for Firefox Sync.

Did I miss something ?

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Sorry to hear about your trouble with the verification email. Can you first just double check to make sure it just didn't get sent to spam?

Other users have had this issue, so I have flagged this thread for a member of Mozilla staff who can help you better diagnose your issue - they should get back to you soon.

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I would enjoy it was so simple, but there is no mail from mozilla, firefox or sync in my spam box :/ At least, as far as I can know. Maybe my ISP is rejecting those emails, but that never happened to me, yet.

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Hi CoryMH and loranger, If I read that currently you have reset your password and have successfully reset the password of the old sync, however there is no evidence of the new account syncing in the FirefoxDeveloperEdition because the verification email is never sent.

So I tested this with an account I know that already exists and it did not detect the account right away:

I submitted the bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1097781 But please try to remove the account from the Developer's edition and add it one more time and go to about:accounts.

Does it sync on the second try without the verification email?

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Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I recovered my password for this mozilla support account (and the email reached me in seconds) not for my Firefox Sync account. My old Firefox Sync used to work very well but I closed it in order to migrate to the new Firefox Sync.

Anyway, I did follow your advice and remove any Sync account from Firefox Developer's Edition and quit it. Now I'm back to my Firefox 34 Beta and also removed my new Firefox Sync account.

Then I created a new one with my email address... And still wait for the verification email. But it's not there yet, and I suppose it won't come...

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HI loranger, Thank you for the clarification, it looks like the bug was put in the proper component and please also check it for updates.

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Hi guigs2, To me it doesn't looks exactly the same, but I do trust you and will take a look at its updates

Thank you for your support !