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qutting browser mozilla sorry not expected

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hello no perfect reply has been given by you and i am really sorry mozilla firefox till now it wa my best browser but it has started alot of bugs in the new updatestill i am getting new bugs like not opening the FILE EXPLORER of my computer when browsing some social sites like facebook to UPLOAD PHOTO or to save an photo beforte it wa soo awesome but it has been degraded really no images are saved from the google and all other browsers it is running saving and uploading from my pc ver well so sorry i am switching this browser shame two or three times review and question is asked but no solution to this problems and more and more problems are increasing to me so off to this browswe bye thanks

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locking this thread as duplicate. please follow up in your original thread at https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1026268 if the original replies couldn't address the issue yet.

this forum is not the right place to leave general feedback - use https://input.mozilla.org/feedback instead for this purpose...