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I saved a webpage as PDF. The name of the file is showpost.php.pdf. The file name does not include any part of the name of the URL. Thus, it would be difficult to distinguish between PDF files. Should the name of the PDF file include the URL?

QuickOffice, which is preinstalled in Gingerbread could not open the PDF. I downloaded two open source PDF viewers from open source repository f-droid.org: VuDroid and APV PDF. Neither could open the PDF.

I booted to a live PCLinuxOS FullMonty CD. Evince Document Viewer, Foxit Reader, PDFedit, PDFMod, and PDFChain could not open the PDF file.

I did not try Adobe Reader because Adobe Reader is proprietary. It is not open source. Furthermore, a google account is required to download apps from Google Play. I do not want a Google account.

How come open source PDF viewers cannot open a PDF created by a formerly open source browser? Firefox will no longer be open source because it will have DRM.

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PDFs are best read using Adobe Reader in my opinion. Unfortunately, I do understand your trust in Mozilla and to staying safe on the web as well as steering away from Google.

You can file a bug at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org to change the way PDFs are saved.

Firefox will still remain open source, DRM will have the slightest impact as well as you will have the option to enable DRM before it actually works on the browser.

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Andrew, thanks for recommending filing a bug. I will.

Adobe Reader will open PDFs infected with malicious scripts. Whereas, open source linux PDF readers, such as Evince Document Reader, will not. Instead they give an error message which includes notification of script.

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Andrew, I cannot file a bug report because I cannot log in. Logging in requires an email address. My email address is not recognized. I signed up for another mozilla account. I clicked on the confirmation email. Yet, I cannot log into Mozilla to file the bug report.

Could you please file the bug report for me as well as the log in problem? Thanks.

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Please post back with the bug #, once filed.

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badbiosvictim, You will have to create a new account in order to sign into Bugzilla. However, if you have a persona account, you can use this one as well.

There is a current bug for 32, but not specifically for php files. Do you also have an example webpage this happens consistently in?

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I upgraded from firefox 29 to firefox 31 beta. I saved as PDF the webpage petinsurance.com. Filename of PDF is mobile.aspx.pdf. Why isnt the address of the webpage in the filename? I will need to rename the file so I can find it later.

I saved a different webpage. The flename has the address of the webpage in the filename but the file type is html.pdf. What is the file type supposed to be?

Document Viewer, APV PDF and quickoffice were able to open the PDF.
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HI bad biosvictim, I hope all is well. The original site that has showpost.php.pdf as the download file, do you have the name of the site that the pdf was generated from? This would be a good use case for this bug.

However on the bug you filed there is a request for the logcat if you are still seeing this issue for that website. 

"What logging messages does QuickOffice generate when you attempt to open the PDF? Please use logcat (http://developer.android.com/tools/he.../logcat.html)."

This method does require adb to be installed on the computer the phone is connected to. If you do not have it installed yet this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1474956 is a handy reference.

Ideally the file type would always end up as pdf.

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I apologize that I forgot which webpage generated showpost.php.pdf when I saved as PDF.

I dont use QuickOffice because it is not open source. I would be willing to use QuickOffice as a forensic tool. However, doesn't installing adb on a computer require Windows? I use linux.