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Why has Firefox 16.0.2 under Windows 7 started to give "connection was reset" error only when accessing Yahoo Tech Goups, except first access of the day?

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On first access of the day to Yahoo technical groups, I can always retrieve the opening screen, but get no further. Almost all subsequent accesses in that day to Yahoo tech groups using this computer return a "connection was reset error", although I have very occasionally seen a successful access. Rebooting the computer makes no difference. No other websites that I visit give this problem.

I am running Windows7 (auto updates) and Firefox 16.0.2. This is a problem that started about 3 weeks ago, possibly directly after a Windows7, Adobe Reader or a Firefox update. I have tried clearing all cookies and the cache in Firefox. The problem is not seen on other computers running different operating system versions or different browsers that are accessing the Yahoo site through the same internet gateway.

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When you have a problem with one particular site, a good "first thing to try" is clearing your Firefox cache and deleting your saved cookies for the site.

(1) Bypass Firefox's Cache

Use Ctrl+Shift+r to reload the page fresh from the server.

(You also can clear Firefox's cache completely using:

orange Firefox button or Tools menu > Options > Advanced

On the Network mini-tab > Cached Web Content : "Clear Now")

(2) Remove your cookies (save any pending work first) using either of these. While viewing a page on the site:

  • right-click and choose View Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"
  • Alt+t (open the classic Tools menu) > Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"

Then try reloading the page. Does that help?

By the way, Firefox 17.0.1 is now available.

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Thanks for the response. I have done some more investigation on this. Firstly, by-passing Firefox's cache (your suggestion #1) makes no difference that I can tell. However, if I take your suggestion #2 and remove all the cookies that I think are associated with my membership of the, then I get the Yahoo log-in screen (as expected) followed by a minute or so of unfettered access to the tech groups. The "connection was reset" error then returns, and I have to go through the cookie clearing and log-in again. By selective deletion, I am unable to find any one obviously Yahoo-related cookie that clears the problem. It may be unrelated, but the amount of successful access time does seem to be greater now that I have unchecked the "accept third-party cookies" checkbox in Firefox Tools->Options->Privacy, but it's not a full cure.

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Thanks again for your suggestions and links. I have gone through those, and am sorry to say I am not really any further forward. I have also gone systematically through the yahoo cookies, deleting one at a time. The only one that makes any difference is the T cookie, which must retain the login status as deleting it forces a login at the next access. After a login I get up to about a minute of Yahoo tech group activity before the "connection was reset" error pervades. All the Yahoo cookies are back in place when this happens. Using Private Browsing makes no difference to this behaviour.

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Another potential source of different behavior among different installations of Firefox are add-ons and custom settings. As a quick diagnostic, could you try creating a new Firefox profile. In addition to bypassing current extensions and custom settings, it should have completely fresh settings databases and a fresh cache folder.

Close Firefox and start up in the Profile Manager as described in Managing profiles. Any time you want to switch profiles, close Firefox and return to this dialog. I recommend not deleting any profiles unless/until you are 110% sure you no longer need them.

Do you notice any difference in behavior in the new profile?

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I've just tried a new Firefox profile, and it gives the same results: about 1 minute of Yahoo Tech Groups activity and then "The connection was reset" error on all accesses.

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Try to boot the computer in Windows Safe mode with network support (press F8 on the boot screen) as a test to see if that helps.

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I get essentially the same behaviour in Safe Mode with network support.

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That would suggest that it is not caused by security software.

It is possible that your ISP is closing the connection or otherwise causes a delay the make the server on the other side close the connection.

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I have now tried accessing Yahoo Tech Groups using Firefox on other Windows7 systems that are on our internal network. They go out through the same gateway and ISP, and do not have this problem.

Back on my PC, I have also done more thorough investigation using IE. On a quick test, it previously had no problems accessing the tech groups sites, but meore detailed trials sometimes do give the message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". However, it generally continues to be able to access the tech group pages even after the error state has been triggered using Firefox.

Prompted by one of the sites you referenced, I have used the program tracert after getting "The connection was reset" responses, and it can always show a path to without timeouts.