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Using Firefox with Google as my home page, when I go to type in the search bar of Google the text is very, very slow. I have refreshed Firefox twice.

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I have been using Firefox for years now, with Google as my home page. Today starting at about noon (MST), when I go to type something into the Google search bar on the home page the text is lagging and very slow to appear. However I have tried the Firefox home page and it types normally. I also tried my back internet Explorer with Google as my homepage and that works perfectly.

I have refreshed my Firefox twice today, ran Malwarebytes premium to search for Malware or Viruses, and nothing came up.

I am very frustrated as to why Google's homepage of there search engine does not work with Firefox all the sudden.

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Hmm, maybe it's related to search suggestions? Each character you type triggers a lookup for new suggestions. While that's normally very fast, perhaps something is slowing it down.

If you type your query in Firefox's address bar instead, does it work normally there? I suppose I should ask whether you display search suggestions in the address bar drop-down for an apples-to-apples comparison.

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What I was trying to explain was if I have Firefox as my browser with Google as my homepage for a search engine, the typing in the Google search bar on the homepage it is very, very, incredibly very slow.

If I use Firefox's homepage and Firefox's search engine when I type in something it works completely normal, along with Firefox's suggestions are 100% normal speed. The same holds true when I use Internet Explorer 11 with Google as my homepage, the typing is completely normal and fine.

Only with Firefox as my browser and Google as my homepage search engine does the typing slow to a crawl, it almost is like three to five seconds from when a letter is typed until it shows up in the Google bar. Then once a letter shows up, then it takes a second or two to show suggestions.

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We had another thread about performance issues on the Google home page. I think it's related to the Valentine's Day image/video; my system fan winds up on that page even if it's just sitting there doing nothing else. For today, you may need to work around that by using a different method to search. Of course, if it continues after they change out the graphic, then my theory is wrong...