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How do I stop tabs from a DEAD PC from syncing?

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I set up sync on my previous laptop and synced with two other PCs some time ago. A couple of months ago I damaged that laptop and it no longer works. However, the tabs open on that laptop when it died are still appearing in "Tabs from other devices" on my new laptop and the two other PCs.

How can I stop this from happening?

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In Firefox 23, as part of an effort to simplify the Firefox options set and facilitate future improvements to Firefox, the option to hide the tab bar was removed.

Fortunately, this can easily be resolved if you desire the keep tabs hidden. You can install "Hide tab bar with one tab", an extension hosted on Mozilla's add-ons site, which will restore the ability to hide the tab bar.

Thank you and I hope this helps!

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Note that this is a question about syncing tabs and not about displaying/hiding the Tab bar.

Normally synced tabs would be removed after a week or so.

Does it has any effect if you unlink all devices and reconnect them?

I don't know if you can see this content in you Sync account.

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If you read it you will see that my question was about tabs syncing from another (dead) computer), not hiding/showing tabs.

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Tried Firefox Sync ? Switch computers & it saves open tabs, passwords, history. Try it

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The old synced tabs go back to last September. Presumably the old PC has to be active for the tabs to be removed, but it is dead!

"Clear my Sync data" in my account may be a solution. but I am worried that I may lose something thing from areas other than tabs. If I do this, will my two current PCs resync everything on them in all categories?

Alternatively, I think that when going to Options > Sync it is possible to "replace" the sync'ed items with the items on the current device rather than "merge", but I am wary of doing this for all sync'ed info and and can find no advice as to whether I can do this for just the tab info, so as to erase the legacy tabs from the dead laptop.

Perhaps by now I should assume that everything I want is on my current laptop so that replacing the sync'ed items with the items on it will not result in losing anything.

Any further thoughts?

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Heard about Tab Groups ? They organize your tabs, eliminating clutter. Try it

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I'm not an expert on how sync works in respect of syncing tabs, so you need to wait for a developer or sync expert to join in this thread.
I've already added a Sync tag.

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Please read more carefully: This is NOT about tabs. It is about SYNC.

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As mentioned by cor-el almost 2 months ago.

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I know. I just joined the thread today. I'm reiterating so someone on the dev staff actually answers the freakin' question.

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