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Mozilla Firefox Disables "Multirow Bookmark Toolbar" Customization (Userchrome.css) in Firefox 67 Beta 4

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Mozilla? Major FAIL! The one thing that worked for me was the ability to customize a userchrome.css so that I could get the multirow toolbar to work through a customized "userchrome.css" file. CONGRATS (spoken with sarcasm) on releasing a new version of Firefox that completely ignores the userchrome.css file.

My current userchrome.css files looks like this:

/* Multi-Row Bookmarks Toolbar */

  1. PersonalToolbar {

/* Provide room for up to 4 rows at 26px */ max-height: 115px !important; }

  1. PlacesToolbarItems > box {

display: inline-block !important; }

  1. PersonalToolbar #PlacesToolbarItems {

/* Override hiding */ overflow-x: visible !important; overflow-y: visible !important; /* Add a little cushion */ padding-bottom: 1px; }

  1. PersonalToolbar #PlacesToolbarItems .bookmark-item {

/* Reduce padding on individual bookmarks to fit rows closer together */ padding-top: 1px !important; padding-bottom: 1px !important; } .tabbrowser-tab::before, .tabbrowser-tab::after{

 display: none !important;

} toolbarbutton.bookmark-item {

font-size:13px !important;


It no longer works as Firefox 67 completely ignores the file. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I'll be dumping Firefox (after being a user for some 15+ years and switching to another web browser. Mozilla keeps removing vital functions of Firefox to make it less user friendly then it was before.

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This didn't affect you when you were using Firefox 66? There was a structural change to the bar and it's easy to find new style recipes now. For example:

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It really didn't when I upgraded to Firefox 66. Don't know why. But thanks for posting that link. It worked perfectly. There are certain links that I have in my toolbar and it's become an important feature of Firefox for me. Thanks for the reference link.