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How to Sync different data from multiple Profiles?

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Hello, I want to know if this is Possible using only one account of sync .

I have Two profiles in firefox, one for work and other for personal. Both have different bookmarks. I want to sync both profiles, that way, if I use other computer I will have the two profiles with different bookmarks. But when I try it, both profiles end with the same bookmarks.

I've tried create the personal profile, add bookmarks and sync my data, then I close it and open the work profile, but when I login in firefox sync to create the work bookmarks, it syncs the bookmarks from personal profile.

Is there a way to sync data from multiple profiles with only one account? or should I create one account for personal information and other account for work information?

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I don't believe there's any way to have multiple sets of data in one account; I think you'll have to create two accounts to do what you're describing.

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This is what you can do for bookmarks.

On the 'Work' computer; Open the Bookmarks Manager; Press the Alt or F10 key to bring up the toolbar, and select Bookmarks. Hot key is <Control> (Mac=<Command>) <Shift> B.

On the Main folder, create a new folder called "Work" or whatever. Now move All of the bookmarks into the 'Work' folder.

When you use sync, the 'Work' data will be in its own folder on your home system.

NOTE: and your home bookmarks will be on your work system. If you want to keep your Home data separate, follow the instructions on the home system creating a folder called; "Home."

If and when you choose to remove this information, you will need to just remove only one folder.

Note: Other data, like Passwords, cannot be separated.

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"How to Sync different data from multiple Profiles?"

If you connect 2 Profiles on the same PC whatever data types you select will be merged on each Profile, and that will result in duplicated data on each. Sync isn't setup to "screen out" duplicate data on the initial Sync process, so you will end up with duplicates. Firefox itself is made to avoid saving a duplicate bookmark; although that can be "gotten around" quite easily when you know how to save an actual duplicate of an already existing bookmark.

Sync isn't set up to be used with 2 Profiles on the same PC, especially with duplicate data already present; but it does work quite well, after the initial Sync event with the 2nd Profile getting connected. I have done that repeatedly, and with 3 separate Sync accounts each with 2 Profiles on this PC - but with the 2nd Profile per account being new and empty of data. The only way to keep up with changes made to Sync for support purposes when I have only one PC to use at any one time.

Manually deleting all the duplicated bookmarks with Sync disabled in both Profiles would be my suggested fix. And before reconnecting to Sync change your account password to clear your data from the Sync server, otherwise that data will get merged again and make the situation worse.