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Bookmarks saved in bookmarks do not show up in DROPDOWN MENU.

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There are several variations of this question on this support page but they are very confusing, so let me define a few things first. Sorry if my terminology is wrong but I want to make sure people understand my issue as previous questions have resulted in answers that do not apply to the question because this terminology is not clear to everyone.

  • The bookmarks tab appears below the url/address bar, and contains my favorite bookmarks. I can see more of them if I press the >> at the far right of the tab.
  • The bookmarks sidebar menu appears in a subwindow to the left if I press Ctrl B. Here I can see many more bookmarks than there is space for on the tab, and sort them into folders, etc.
  • The bookmarks dropdown menu is what is available when I click "Bookmarks" at the top left of my screen (alongside "File", "Edit", "View", etc.)
  • The bookmarks library opens in a new window when I click "Show all Bookmarks" from the bookmarks dropdown menu. Here I can also see various folders that I have organized my bookmarks into.

I have no issues saving or seeing bookmarks that I save to my bookmarks tab. I have no issue saving or seeing bookmarks in the bookmarks sidebar menu. I have no issues saving or seeing bookmarks in the bookmarks library. My problem refers to the bookmarks DROPDOWN MENU.

Here is my problem: New bookmarks that I save appear in the library and sidebar, however, do NOT appear in the dropdown menu. Yes, I am saving them correctly in the correct folders. I can see them when I click "Show all bookmarks" or Ctrl B to get the sidebar. I want to be able to see them using the dropdown menu. My older bookmarks do indeed appear in this dropdown menu, as well as all the other places I defined above. Anything new I try to save does not. In other words, the items that I try to save when I click on the drop down menu and select "Bookmark this page" appear correctly in the sidebar and library, in folders if I choose to save them in folders, but they do NOT appear in the drop down menu. As far as what I can see in the drop down menu, it is as if I never saved them. In other words, many of the bookmarks listed in the library and sidebar are NOT listed in the DROPDOWN menu.

How can I get the bookmarks that I save to show up in the DROPDOWN menu?

Sorry if I seem irritable here but in similar questions it seems like everybody is talking about a DIFFERENT bookmarks function, and it is very frustrating.

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Clicking the star on the Navigation toolbar will bookmark the page in the "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder and the star turns blue to show that. You can't see bookmarks in the "Unsorted" folder in the Bookmarks menu although there is an Unsorted Bookmarks link at the bottom of the list, so to see them in the bookmarks menu you will have to move them to the Bookmarks Menu folder or the Bookmarks Toolbar folder.

  • Clicking the star on the Navigation toolbar will bookmark the page in the "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder and the star turns blue to show that
  • Bookmarks > "Bookmark This Page" (Ctrl+D) will bookmark the page in the Bookmarks Menu folder (you need to confirm that)
  • "Bookmark This Page" can be accessed via the right-click context menu in the browsing area or via the Bookmarks menu in the Firefox menu button drop down or menu bar (Alt+B)
  • If the URL in the Navigation toolbar is bookmarked and the star is highlighted blue then click this highlighted star or use "Edit This Bookmark" (Ctrl+D) in the menu to edit the properties of the bookmark like name and location and move the bookmark to another folder or remove the bookmark
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The Bookmarks Menu should look the same in all views (excluding the Unsorted Bookmarks section, which doesn't appear on the drop-down menu).

If it is missing things, one possibility is that the sort order is different. However, the sidebar and the drop-down menu should match.

Another thing to note is the scroll position: if your bookmarks menu is very long, try hovering over it (menu opened) with the mouse pointer and using the scroll wheel to zoom up and down it to see whether the desired content is off the screen.

Some Add-ons may modify or corrupt menus. In case one of your extensions is involved, could you test the page in Firefox's Safe Mode? That's a standard diagnostic tool to deactivate extensions and some advanced features of Firefox. More info: Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode.

You can restart Firefox in Safe Mode using either:

  • "3-bar" menu button > "?" button > Restart with Add-ons Disabled
  • Help menu > Restart with Add-ons Disabled

Not all add-ons are disabled: Flash and other plugins still run

After Firefox shuts down, a small dialog should appear. Click "Start in Safe Mode" (not Reset).

Any difference?

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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately it did not work. I also tried resetting Firefox. The dropdown menu still does not display all of my bookmarks.

Also, it does not display all of the folders and sub-folders I have created.

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cor-el, for the bookmarks that appear on the sidebar bookmark menu and in the "show all bookmarks" menu, the star on the navigation page is blue. These exact same bookmarks do NOT appear in the drop down menu, and I am not able to try to add them again, only edit them as existing bookmarks. And yet, they do NOT appear in the drop down menu, at all. They are not unsorted. In fact, I have subfolders that appear in the sidebar as well as in the "show all bookmarks" library, but do not appear in the dropdown menu. So since I successfully created the folder and put the bookmarks in it using the "show all bookmarks" library, they are certainly not "unsorted".

I really want ALL of my bookmarks and bookmark folders and bookmark subfolders to appear in the drop down menu. How can I get Firefox to do this?

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Here's something to ponder - I have a few bookmarks that are NOT in folders that DO appear in the drop-down menu. They appear at the bottom of the drop-down menu, beneath the folders that are visible. If I go into the "show all bookmarks" library and move one of these bookmarks into a sub-folder that is NOT visible in the drop-down menu, the bookmark disappears from the drop-down menu. I move it back out of that subfolder, and it reappears in the drop down menu!

Similarly, I have a subfolder that does NOT appear in the drop-down menu, although its parent folder and two "sister" sub-folders DO appear in the drop down menu. If I move it OUT of its parent folder, it appears in the drop down menu! Move it back into its parent folder...and it disappears from the drop down menu again!