How can I get Firefox to load pages properly and stop asking me to add every single page I visit as a "security exception"?

I just downloaded the newest version of Firefox today because it is required for some of the websites I need for my college courses. However, every single website I go to (even the Mozilla site, Google, etc.) says that there's an "untrusted connection." On some sites I have an option between "Get me out of here!" or to add this particular site as a security exception. As you can probably imagine, this is very time consuming and frustrating. I have uninstalled the program (clean uninstall) and reinstalled it. I have reset Firefox, and nothing helps. The problem persists in Safe Mode as well. Along with this issue, every website I manage to get access to is all kinds of messed up. Modules are missing, or the whole page is blank. It can sit there for an hour and nothing loads. I have a good internet connection and fast processor. I was using Chrome before, and Internet Explorer with no issue. About two years ago I used Mozilla Firefox on this same computer and had no issues. I have a 64-bit system, which is the only issue I can think might be causing this problem. I have gone through and tried changing just about every setting, and nothing has helped. I am at my wit's end because I have homework to do and can't because of this problem.

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