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Firefox does not open, but instead gives the error message, "Failed to read the configuration file." It has worked in the past, but not now.

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Firefox does not open, but instead gives the error message, "Failed to read the configuration file." It has worked in the past, but not now.

I REINSTALL 10 TIMES SO DON'T TELL ME THAT!!! I'm piss because i need firefox working again so i can finish reseaching my speech in 5 days.

Chosen solution

Yes, deleting Firefox program file.

Comment from moderator. Please see other posTs in this thread such as

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none thing there about java . this some bs

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when i right click then i click on run as it said," Current user (Valued-BFC658A2\2)

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Still CAN'T open FIREFOX. im really pissed

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If you have any doubts that the clean install was not done properly last time maybe it is worth trying it again now. If done correctly it has a good chance of solving your problem.

You still have problems and I am wondering if we should try to communicate better with you. Could you please try to re-read all the reply posts carefully. Most of them are instructions intended to help you. Then give us some feedback so we all understand better what is happening..

Please say

  • What; if anything; was not explained well enough for you to understand it.
  • What you did actually do,
    • Which suggestions have you managed to follow ?
    • Did you have problems or error messages ?
    • Did the instruction appear to go as expected ?
      (still not working lets us know you still have the problem, but is not very informative as to whether the proposal was actually tried and whether it appeared to succeed in for instance a clean install)

You may be trying to follow this from emails, if so it may be easier if you look at the forum thread as well and scroll through it.

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Another thought to help you research your speach

  1. Try another browser presumably you are using IE8 at the moment
  2. You need Firefox because of your bookmarks try the (unofficial)
    Firefox Portable
  • We will be able to help you get your ordinary Firefox bookmarks on to Firefox Portable even if Firefox does not open (BUT CARE at no time use any option to remove personal information or you will destroy bookmarks and passwords)
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clean resinstall is uninstalling it from the contral panel then under add and remove program i click on firefox to uninstall it. I did that. How much clear do I need to be if you guys are TOP 10 CONTRIBUTOR and can't help me. Maybe you need tell me in complete and easy way for me to understand.

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now there at run %APPDATA%

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I suspect you may be missing out the vital step of' deleting the program folder that Firefox uses as explained in corels post and as I tried to clarify in one of my posts above.

The instruction

Remove the Firefox program folder before installing that newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.
   (32 bit Windows) "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\"

   (64 bit Windows) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\" 

   It is important to delete the Firefox program folder to remove all the files and make sure that there are no problems with files that were leftover after uninstalling.
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[General] StartWithLastProfile=1

[Profile0] Name=default IsRelative=1 Path=Profiles/lyr4n7np.default

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where is the firefox folder located?

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Failed to read the configuration file. Please contact your system administrator

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I think i found something helpful my computer ( Dell Latitude 131L )run 32.bit not 64.bit. where can i download firefor 32.bit?

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You will already have Firefox 32 bit.

Firefox for Windows is only generally available as a 32 bit browser. Experimental versions are available of 64 bit browsers for Windows but you would be unlikely to accidentally download that.

I think we can safely say that is not part of your problem.

You still have not said that you have uninstalled Firefox then deliberately and manually removed Firefox's program folder before restarting and checking again prior to doing a re-install. The sites we point to for the reinstall by the way will only provide 32 bit Firefox for Windows and not 64 bit for Windows..

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Did you try installing Firefox portable ?

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As I wrote before, you can only recover from this by deleting the Firefox program folder.
The involved files aren't affected by an update or an uninstall and a reinstall because that is how a mozilla.cfg file works.

The Firefox program folder can be found here if you have a 32 bit Windows version:

  • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\
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Firefox portable can't open

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under run%APPDATA% under mozilla under profilei found a folder call js is that java?

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Did you delete the Firefox program folder and reinstall Firefox?

Can you attach a screenshot of that folder?

Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot.

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delete or uninstall firefox?

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