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Foxfire version 22 is a disaster

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Version 22 has numerous defects. I wonder how this happened since it has ALWAYS been so dependable. Copy and paste functions won't work or are erratic. The web pages are over large and "blooming" sometimes appear "out of focus." These issues began immediately with downloading of version 22.

Will these issues be corrected?

This is true on both of my computers, one using Vista OS and the other Windows 7. If I switch to the IE OS (ugh!) these issues are NOT present.

Very experienced computer user/operator with 20 years experience.

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hello, firefox 22 is now respecting the pixel density you've set on a system level in the windows control panel > appearance > display. more information about that is available at

if you want to set the text size/pixel density in firefox different from that of your system's settings like it was handled in prior versions, enter about:config into the firefox address bar (confirm the info message in case it shows up) & search for the preference named layout.css.devPixelsPerPx. double-click it and change its value to 1.0 (or any other zoom factor that fits your purpose: 1.0 relates to 100%, 0.8 equals 80% and so on; -1.0 is the default value and will adhere to the system settings).

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About the copy and paste do you have Zonealarm, if so that is your problem.

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Out of focus, too large, but main problem is gmail does not fit to screen. The suggested solution of changing the Windows XP display from large to small will work for gmail. However, the Windows XP fonts are too small. When I change the Windows XP display from small to large, gmail reverts to hugeness, doesn't fit to screen, and is fuzzy. I won't be changing from gmail and really don't want to change to Internet Explorer. Any suggestions?

Can I revert to Firefox 21?

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nef123, have you tried my other suggestion from the first post? downgrading to prior versions isn't something that's recommended (the current release has fixed 14 security vulnerabilities that are present in firefox 21 for example).

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Changing the layout to 1.0 does essentially the same thing as changing the Windows XP display, but impacts Firefox font sizes: now I can get gmail to display as before with version 21. However, all the fonts in Firefox are way too small.

I don't get the same functionality in version 22 as in 21. I either have to go with small system fonts or small Firefox fonts.

I really don't want to go to IE. Big sigh.

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium. Set to 125% in the Display control panel. I have a 17 inch CRT monitor. Screen resolution is 1152 x 864.

Since Firefox version 22 600-pixel-wide images on the web have now greatly enlarged. To 8+ inches wide on the monitor.

In Chrome and Internet Explorer the same images on the same web page are 6.5 inches wide.

600-pixel-wide images on my PC viewed with IrfanView are 6.5 inches wide.

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nef123, can you try the Theme Font & Size Changer addon, try defualt font, size 14.

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That works... for the most part. However, this reply and web site is still the tiny font. Hopefully, I won't have to come back and try to read or check my spelling.

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Be VERY CAREFUL when using about:config to change the numbers. I decided to play around with different sizes, typed in the wrong numbers, and got a display that was way too large, to the point where only one section of the screen was showing and there were no (adequate) slide bars to navigate around the page. I had to completely reinstall Firefox, and thank God I had my bookmarks backed up as well as a fairly recent list of my add-ons so I was able to reduplicate my old browser pretty well.

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Be VERY CAREFUL when using about:config to change the numbers. I decided to play around with different sizes, typed in the wrong numbers, .... . I had to completely reinstall Firefox, .... 

This is will I suppose be redundant advice if you heed the warning above.

For novice users the Firefox reset will get you out of that situation. I would not expect the reinstall to work unless you use a new profile, which again may be done without reinstalling.

The best method is to very carefully edit the file prefs.js whilst Firefox is closed. We normally say this is an action only for advanced users and is dangerous, but if Firefox is already broken it has little additional risk.

The Powers That Be in their wisdom changed safe mode a while ago. I wish instead of removing the checkboxes they had just displayed them afterwards with a warning not to use them unnecessarily. The new reset feature does easily fix things but it looses information / extensions

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Ronbet, I hope you sorted out your problems after reading these replies.

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John, The reinstall went fine. I just started over completely from scratch. The only drawback is that I'm having to put in some passwords and reinstall a few extensions, but I did have my bookmarks backed up and was able to just plug them back in (or to be more precise, to import the .json file). Thanks for your suggestions on doing a reset - I've saved a copy and will have them available if something like this ever happens again.

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Firefox is highly customisable which is good. Unfortunately the downside of that is that it will sometimes degrade due to customisation,or in some cases may be rendered unusable by simple changes.

The majority of users will be on Windows Systems and will have IE as a backup browser. It probably is a good precaution to have some additional browser installed and not just Firefox. It is difficult to fix things with the Browser or the OS etc. if you are not able to use the Internet for advice and downloads.

Personally; at least for the slightly more advanced users; I would recommend installing Firefox Release & Firefox Beta. Beta is pretty stable and suitable for day-to-day use. If it fails you can always use the Release it will be a secure option, and known to work insofar as Beta is effectively the release but six weeks before. They should both normally be used with separate profiles, but if Beta fails the profile information may be copied or in many cases simply used by the Release as is.

Any problems such as this one with Windows zoom show up six weeks in advance, and again dropping back to the release instantly resolves the issue and gives you six weeks to figure out what to do. Also of course the more users testing on Beta and Aurora in real-world use the more such bugs will be reported and fixed before they even get out to bother the users of the Release.

We as users are the best testers Firefox can have, so instead of just complaining the changes are bad join in and give a hand with the testing as you use your browser by trying Beta or Aurora.

For anyone who is interested some relevant links