posted by NEILjr 5 years ago
How to restore sync after reset?

After a troubleshooting re-set on my windows pc my sync is no longer active. when i try to reactivate it on the tools drop-down i see two options: 1) "set up sync" which gives me the options of "create a new account" or "i have an account") or 2) tools --> options --> options --> sync which gives me the choices "set up firefox sync" or "pair a device." on my existing/previously paired device (a mac) the tools menu shows only a "sync now" choice. none of the available choices seem to fit so how do i proceed to get an existing sync account working on my windows pc? the instructions, if any, on doing exactly this are vague. i do have my sync account email, password and recovery key. sorry if i am missing something here. thank you.

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