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Moving from Windows 8 Release Preview to Windows 8 Retail Release


I moved user profile folders to my retail copy of Win8. My startups (I start TBird when the system starts) imported - and amazingly Thunderbird started up from the startups even though I hadn't installed it.

Then I installed Firefox, and it immediately booted up and asked if I wanted to restore my previous session! There was no previous session in the Retail - but it was the session from my copy of the Release Preview.

My questions are

"Is this a feature of Mozilla products, or a happy byproduct of storing program info/settings/etc in the AppData folders?"

"Will I lose my info if I remove the old hard drive with the Release Preview - or is everything stored in the AppData folders?"

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It seems that you restored your profile and yes, all the info is in your profile so you should be good to go. You can call it a feature :)

Best, Ibai

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Profiles need to be registered in the profiles.ini file to make Firefox find and use them.

You can click the "Choose folder" button in the Profile Manager when creating a new profile to make Firefox use a specific profile folder.

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