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Why does FireFox change layout/settings during upgrades without asking ?

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Just upgraded to Firefox 18 (windows 7 desktop). Why does Firefox change layouts/settings without asking the user if he wants it or not??? I am getting sick of those changes. I want to have at the google main page the options (as before) to search in all languages, or pages from a certain language or pages in a certain language (of course depening of the google address; f.i. at google.de for german languages, google.fr for french languages etc).

In the latest Firefox 17 it was working as I wanted and described before: when I visited www.google.de/firefox of www.google.fr/firefox. Now those 3 options (under the search bar) are gone and I do not want to operate by clicking on the advanced search button. Those things should be visible under the search bar again.

Also my STARTPAGE was GONE/DELETED after the update !!! Grrrrr.... Updating is OK but mozilla should not change user configured items !!!!!!!

The above described problem has nothing to do with the google website.

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