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I cant fill in textboxes in ff


I cant type in them. And that is sad because most sites require login. I can put my cursor in them and my soft keyboard will pop up but it doesnt take my text. I have to go to the default android browser, type text in the box, then go to ff and then I can enter text again. This submit form is a problem too. - My cursor wont move from this spot. This phone is bugged on all sides. Not sure who to approach with this problem - as i have. t

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Yousef 15 solutions 71 answers

Have you tried using a different Keyboard? This happened to me with SwiftKey Flow.

AaronMT 31 solutions 241 answers

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Hi bramluikenii,

Can you try out Nightly (Firefox 20), and Aurora (Firefox 19) and report back here if things are working out for you?

On Nightly and Aurora we have recently addressed a number of keyboard related issues and both should have a number of fixes.

You may find Nightly available at: http://nightly.mozilla.org with an Android download link at the bottom.

Also, you may find Aurora for Android at: http://aurora.mozilla.org

Let us know if either Nightly or Aurora fixes your issues.

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n SorryO

jorgev 0 solutions 4 answers

As an additional data point, I got a similar report from a community member. He uses an Ainol Novo 7 with Android 4. He used the default Android keyboard and CooTek TouchPal. He experienced the same problem on release (17) and beta (18).

He didn't test on Nightly or Aurora.

oneyeandbag 0 solutions 2 answers

Hi, I cant move the 2 sliders on this calculator website Im referring to the 2 little blue buttons that slide up and down to increase / reduce the number of years.

Im using a Samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet. My wife has an Ipad and they work OK on that.


Kickvors 0 solutions 1 answers

I think i've got the same problem with my Huawei U9508 (Android 4.1.2 MIUI-3.3.23) using Firefox 20.

The keyboard pops up allright using the location bar, but when tapping on a text input field a black keyboard pops up, only suggestions are shown. Typing is possible. I've made photo's, because the keyboard is shown properly when taking a screenshot.

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Kickvors, no your problem is different. I've not seen that issue and I use Swiftkey as my default keyboard on several devices.

Is Swiftkey up to date?

Does this happen on Firefox Nightly? https://nightly.mozilla.org