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Firefox 10.0 doesn't work with Network Solutions email (and possibly other sites)

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If you plan to upgrade to FF 10.0 which just released today, I suggest you to read their Release Note first:

Pay special attention to 1st item in KNOWN ISSUES. After I upgraded to FF 10.0, some of my websites gave me a warning that I need to use an UPDATED version of Firefox. Obviously, they couldn't recognize the two-digit version number. So I revert back to FF 9.0. But when I went to those websites, they still gave me the same warning even I have deleted the cookies, etc. I did a System Restore back to yesterday and now everything is back to normal.

This could be a case-by-case situation. But I just want to let users be aware.

I do not want to post the websites I have problems with since there probably be others anyway.

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Good point, it does help to know the websites concerned, as outreach is possible.

As mentioned in the contributors section /forums/contributors/708122?#post-44879 Firefox 10, top issues, ESR and you!

 3. The two-digit user agent may confuse some websites and users may get notifications that their browser is out-of-date. Please get URLs and we'll try to work with the sites to correct this.
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I posted a comment in the following bug report. Maybe those who have this problem can do the same:

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How come it says: "The forward button is now hidden until you navigate back"

I'm on FF10, but I still have a Forward button ( Screenshot ) Looks the same as before the update..

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iMarshmellow -- I didn't check when I was at FF 10.0. So I couldn't help you. I think you should make a new post with a different subject that pertain to your problem. That'll get better attention and get quicker help.

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Please please tell us the URLs of the pages that are affected. There was a team at Mozilla who crawled the web looking for pages that had problems with the two-digit user agent and reached out on all the developer channels that we had (this was 18 weeks ago). I'm sure that there are sites that haven't updated in time but if we have URLs now, we can do more outreach.

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Cww, I already posted the url in the bug report.

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We actually knew about Network Solutions. Kev (who does corporate outreach work at Mozilla) has already reached out to them... I'll see if there's a followup.

UDPATE: He says he "emailed them a few times" and "has heard nothing back". Maybe you should contact them to see if paid users can get enough traction on this.

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So how would I know if they have fixed the problem? Should I contact Network Solutions directly periodically or will that be posted in the bug report once it's fixed?

Thank you.

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the forward arrow should only disapear if

  • you have no forward location to go to
  • and you are using large icons ( your screenshot is using large icons)

In Firefox 10 when I am using large icons in Windows 7 my forward button does disappear, unless there is somewhere to go, that is expected. If I use instead the small icons I see both arrows, and once I have navigated to another page even the conditional large icon forward arrow re-appears.

So I am seeing the expected behaviour.

Most uses will remember something similar happened a while ago, they made the reload and stop button alternate depending on the state, and also they changed the back and forwrd arrows so you have now to click or drag them to display a list of back and forward locations.

As silkphoenix says please start another thread if you are concerned about this behaviour, but my initial thoughts are that because you have a forward location to go to you will be seeing your button.

If issues do become troublesome they may well be addressed in the kb article firefox latest issues Latest Firefox issues or added to the, currently flexible, listing of topics shown on the support /home page

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I am also still seeing a forward button all the time, but I am not using the default theme. This is not a problem, but an advantage.

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iMarshmellow figured out and posted the cause over here in a thread he started -

Apparently moving the Home button to the right of the Back/Forward button caused that. Take a look at the "solution", moving the Home button to between the Location Bar and the Search Bar looks like it affected the Refresh button by moving it outside the Location Bar.

I just move the Home button to the left side of the Tab Bar to get where it feels more natural to me, and it helps me when I am switching between different versions of Firefox - like when I am using Firefox 3.6 or 2.0.

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sorry to see you had a rather rough ride on bugzilla (now new bug 722890 re NetworkSolutions ) lets hope users of that site are sucessfull in contacting NetworkSolutions and getting a reply and fix.

From a developers point of view the site is at fault. From a users point of view it is firefox at fault, one version works and the next does not. The problem was entirely predictable, lets hope the developers did their sums correctly and looked at the stats to ensure most sites will not have a problem.

I have only just updated this machine to Firefox 10, but have used it on other machines as a Nightly, Aurora and then Beta release without problems, so far, for a few weeks.

Lets hope this User Agent String problem is an outlier, not the tip of an iceberg.