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Why won't my foxfire open, and why does it tell me it running already


I've got Windows 7, everytime I try to open foxfire I get an error message telling me its running and I need to close it to open a new tab, but when I open my task manager to shut it off, its not running. What's the deal? I put it on as supplement to explorer because some of the stuff at school wasn't Microsoft friendly and I needed to do the work. It use to work and now it doesn't.

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Every time Firefox opened

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about 10 days ago


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When you open task manager, there are several tabs. One of them is labeled processes. If you have not tried this, click on that tab, then click on "image name". This will put the processes in alphabetical order. Scroll down to the 'F's and look for 'firefox.exe' This is the underlying process. I've had firefox open the process only, but not the program. If you click to highlight 'firefox.exe' and then choose 'end process' in the lower right portion of the window, you will get a warning about ending processes. Click to end the process and you should now be able to open firefox in the normal manner. By the way, make sure there is only one instance of 'firefox.exe' If you are in alphabetical order they will all be grouped together. If there is more than one, you need to closed each of them, one at a time. Hope this helps.

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I had been in the processes and there was no exe. file. After reading your post I redownloaded foxfire and reopened the task manager and there it was. I followed your instructions and when I hit the last end process button the exe. file disappeared from the list and I still have the same problem. ??????? HELP

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I tried finding my Profiles folder by seach and nothing came up, but I found it myself and it was empty. I couldn't fined a default folder anywhere. I've redownloaded this thing five times and nothing changes.

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friend pointed out that I hadn't looked pass seeing if profile was locked. ended up having to find four files in read only, firefox works like a champ now.