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Does Firefox (if I download it) interfere with or change in any way other programs on my computer like older versions of WordPerfect and QuickBooks?


This is simply a general question to find out if it's safe for me to download and use Firefox as my primary browser. Microsoft, via Internet Explorer, will interfere with my non-microsoft programs--so I don't want to upgrade with that. I need a new browser and think Firefox may be right for me. But I need the answer to my question before I will download Firefox.

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I have encountered one program that didn't work with Firefox as the default browser, and that was an older version of McAfee (it stopped being able to update itself). I suspect that neither WordPerfect nor QuickBooks routinely needs to use a browser, but if it does, then you might notice an issue. Unless someone else has tested your versions, you might just have to try it and see how it goes. Note that you can always change your default back to IE or AOL.

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When you first install Firefox and open it for the first time, you will be asked if you want Firefox as your default browser - answer No - and de-select the option to have Firefox check for being the default every time you open it.

As previously mentioned, you should keep IE as the default browser. I have seen postings from other users about issues with QuickBooks not being compatible with Firefox and as long as IE was the default browser, those users didn't have a problem.

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But if you have made the mistake and clicked make firefox my default browser can it be un-done......trying tio find out how to go back to IE and use firefox as well but not as default??? Help anyone please

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Hi Hileena -

To make IE the default, open the Internet Options dialog from the Tools menu (depending on your version of IE, this could be in various places, but try tapping the Alt key to display the classic menu). On the Programs tab, look for the "Make default" button.

Any luck?

(I can't believe my 3000th post is how to make IE your default browser!)

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