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how to enable/allow pop-up?


I clicked an ad link on Facebook I wanted to find out more about (regarding an app to sell your jewelry directly from FB) and I can see a bar flash briefly at the top of my mozilla browser saying that Firefox prevented the pop-up, but it disappears very quickly (had to refresh about 5 times to read any of it), and I can't find a way to allow or enable pop ups from certain sites - which I will need when I want to print shipping labels from the USPS website this week.

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You can make exceptions in this dialog:

Tools > Options > Content

The Exceptions button to the right of "Block pop-up windows" lets you Allow specific sites.

For Facebook, try allowing three domains: facebook.com; facebook.net; fbcdn.net

Any luck?

Question owner

Thank you! I can't tell yet if that solved the problem.... I was able to click a few more facebook ads, but haven't seen the original one yet and don't know if there was something different about it. I did add the couple of websites I wanted to allow pop-ups for, and I'll test out the USPS one with my next shipment. I just updated yesterday to whatever the latest version of firefox is, and this time it seems like there are more changes than previous recent updates which I'm not used to yet. Since I visit new sites regularly, I'd like to be given the option with each one to allow the pop-up right on the spot, vs. having to go into the settings and add that particular website that I may or may not visit again. Unless I'm missing something, that seems kind of inconvenient.

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To set privileges for a site you are viewing, you can use this method:

right-click > View Page Info > Permissions tab

Then if you reload, the popup should appear.

The catch is, pages often contain a lot of ads displayed from other servers. Page Info is only for the main page (or if your page has frames, you can right click > This Frame > View Page info, etc.).

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You can see on icon on the location bar if there are pop-ups on a web page and click that button to manage the pop-ups.