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Where Firefox store browsing history ?


no details. thank you!

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simon080 2 solutions 24 answers

press "Ctrl+shif+h" (if you are talking about cookies then click the sing i.e the place where the sites symbols are show, near to the place where you type the url) click there click more information and u will see the option "view cookies " click there and delete everythng .......  :P uhhuuu . search in you home hehehee

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NO. Which file on the disk contains list of browsing history???

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simon080 2 solutions 24 answers

C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 i wont tell you :P copy cat :D u can copy past this...... yeah there is a index file but if u want ot delete you can but still it does not cause any harm it jst remember you browsing history evn after deleting from the browser hehehe....... if u ask further question i will fry u and eat u i am very hungry :'(

simon080 2 solutions 24 answers

Ali bhai kuch samje kya nahi ;)

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Bad Answer simon080! but Thank you

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Firefox stores the bookmarks and the history in a SQLite database file called places.sqlite