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when I close firefox it stays open, but visibly is closed, I have to log out or restart to make it close


Not all the time, but very frequently when I close a tab it stays open in the background(if it is a video, I can hear it still playing) When I exit out of the browser completely it keeps running in the background. It appears to be closed. When I try to reopen it (i.e.- double click desktop icon, got to start menu and try to open), nothing happens. I have tried to reinstall firefox during some of these times and it says the browser is open and I have to close it before installation can continue. That tells me the browser is somehow not closing when I close it, that it runs in the background with no way to control it without logging out or restarting computer. I do not have any problems like this with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

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This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

actually very frequently, not every time Firefox opened, but that was closest option to select, been doing it for a long time, defragging, optimizing, cleaning up registry errors has no effect on it, started doing it before I ever made any changes

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You can try to disable all other plugins apart from the one that is playing that file to see if that helps.
The VLC (VideoLAN) plugin can cause issues, so you can also only try to disable that one.

See Troubleshoot issues with plugins like Flash or Java to fix common Firefox problems

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I only had a few addons installed, I disabled Zone Alarm toolbar, View Source Chart 3.01. I also had 5 separate java console updates/addons, and I uninstalled all but the latest java console 6.0.21. All I have now is Roboform 6.9.98, Firebug 1.5.4, Java console 6.0.21, Java quick starter 1.0. So far, so good, the problem has not occurred today. I hope this is it, I will be more sure after a few days problem free. Thanks for the info.

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Duh, I see you were talking about plugins, and I was talking addons, I do have the VLC Player plug in, but I am going to leave things as-is with what I did with add-ons and see if the problem re-occurs, so far it has not. I wonder if it could have been the multiple Java consoles? We'll see.

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"when I close firefox it stays open, but visibly is closed, I have to log out or restart to make it close" After the first reply I got to disable plugins, I went to addons and saw that I had 5 Java console updates, each one listed separately. I deleted all but the latest one (6.0.21). I can not say for sure if this was the problem, but it has been 9 days and the problem has not occurred since. Everything is working fine now.