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Firefox startup and browsing speeds tediously slow.

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I've repeatedly heard that FF is fast, but my experience is the opposite. I've tried fresh FF installations, fresh system installations, cleaning the registry, desktop, browser cache, etc. Nothing helps. Occasionally FF runs at a speed I find acceptable, but usually I wait several seconds for each page to load, and up to 25 seconds for FF to start.

If FF is fast for other users, can someone please suggest why it might not be fast for me?

FF 3.6.4, Win XP Home SP3, 1Gb RAM, 2.7 GHz CPU, 16 GHz + cable, virtually no installed software except Outlook 2003, word processing and outlining apps, and misc., e.g., Quicken.

I try to limit the number of open tabs to three or four, and the number of open apps to two or three. At the moment the only FF I have installed is Adblock Plus. Opera is fast. SlimBrowser is fast. I.e., given all the above, I cannot think of a logical reason FF should not be fast -- or at least reasonably so. Any ideas, please?

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== If I recall correctly, FF 2.x was acceptably fast. Everything 3.x seems to run slower with each version.

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Have you tried a new Profile Rod? Maybe your current one is corrupted in some way.

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IF a user has lots of bookmarks or history or extensions/plugins/themes installed Too much cached files and form saved data, etc. Any of these things will add to the slowness in and of itself.

On a brighter note the next version of Firefox will be significantly faster in many of these areas and much more.

In the mean time you can tweak settings like increasing the disk cache size, bumping the session restore time loop (which is running in the background constantly to autosave your session), tell FF not to save so much history, etc.

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Check your Task Manager to see if "plugin-container.exe" is hogging resources. It's a brand new addition to Firefox and causes major issues when dealing with Adobe Flash/Shockwave.

If that's it, just use a different browser and maybe the two companies will sort it out.

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Thanks for the reply, but I've replaced the entire profile more than once. Also, I had the entire system reinstalled by Geek Squad a couple of weeks ago, then I reinstalled all software.

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cuz84d: Thanks for the reply. I presently have exactly one extension installed (Adblock Plus), no plug-ins or themes, and I retain history for seven days. If FF is that weak in the knees, it's probably wise to switch to a different browser anyway.

I don't know how to increase the disk cache size, or change the session restore time loop, and I can find no control in Tools > Options that appears to make such adjustment. Could you elaborate, please?

Yeah I keep hearing FF will get faster. It's only gotten slower since I started using it.

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Sean: Thanks for the reply. I don't even have such a resource running in Task Manager, and I'm using FF 3.6.4. What does that mean?

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Okay, it's beginning to appear no one really knows how to make FF reliable or fast. What alternatives do you suggest -- Chrome, Opera, SlimBrowser, IE (ugh!), ?.? Thanks.

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Have you tried the latest release of Firefox 3.6.4?

There were 7 X RC builds prior to the final one.

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I use Windows 7 Ultimate and my firefox now takes 15-20 seconds to start ever since I upgraded it to 3.6.4 version. I noticed "plugin-container" in the task-manager. Didn't know what it was so terminated that program but it crashed my Firefox. I hope I am not the only one having slow start problem with Firefox.

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Keithy 397

Hey, there's a clever idea -- distribute seven different builds all under the same version number. That couldn't possibly be confusing.

I don't know. I just keep downloading the version available from the Mozilla "Download Firefox" page.

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I seriously doubt we are the only ones having slow start problems with Firefox. Although my installation has been running faster the past day or so -- as if posting these complaints has made it shape up. But just as I started to think things were better it got uncooperative again.

I keep thinking it's a memory issue, because in the past FF has leaked memory like a sieve, but I haven't seen that recently. Maybe it's just that there are so many developers' hands in the stew no one really knows what the code does in its free time.

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Yes! I too have a very slow startup and very very slow shutdown. Even with a fresh install of firefox!

Processor: Q6600 Mem: 6GB Windows 7 pro 64bit

Firefox version 3.6.4

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I agree that restoring sessions with Firefox is slow, particularly compared with Opera. It must have something to do with caching or lack of caching of the open tabs and the need to refresh each time the browser is restarted. I hope someone at Firefox can comment on this issue or perhaps suggest a way to cause Firefox to cache the tabs better to speed up restarts.

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Firefox seems to be getting flakier and flakier, and more and more bloated. I'm also having the problem that Firefox takes for ever to load on both my work and home PC.

I'm wondering if Mozilla are losing the plot a bit - Thunderbird is now virtually unusable if you have POP3 accounts (there are some work-rounds that would be completely baffling to any relatively new user), and Firefox is now slower than IE. These both used to be excellent apps.

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Hi, I also have FF but every time when i start it. it take 15 seconds to open. while IE open instantly.But i do like to use FF. My processor Core 2 Due 1.7 3gb ram. Please someone give me any solution to speed it up.bcoz i have also tried latest version of FF but all in vain :(

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