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Updating to Firefox 75.0 seems to confuse Multi-Account Containers when opening a site in a non assigned container tab. Is there a fix?

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Example: I have an email website assigned to the "Personal" container. When trying to open a separate email account in a new tab and different non assigned container, I am prompted by Multi-Account Containers, "Would you still like to open in this current container?". I click on the "Open in Work Container" button, but it still goes to the assigned container, "Personal". It should not go there unless you have checked the box for "Remember my decision for this site", which is unchecked. Note: It was working correctly before the update to 75.0. Thank you!

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Sounds like a bug, esp since you said it appeared in 75, I'll log it as a bug in our feedback form


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I'm new to the forum, so question on the resolve. How do I follow up on this and what time frame should I look for? Is it fixed in a new update or will there be a push of some sort? Thank you!


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I have a similar issue on Windows10 and on Linux. After upgrading to 75.0, my containers are getting confused.

On my Linux, since I have two Office365 corporate email accounts, I usually open them in different containers (Default Container and Work Container) to be able to open them at the same time. Since this morning, when I try to open my email into the "default" container, it keeps auto-switching to the "work" container. It is not letting me open my Office365 into the "default" container. The reason why it started to happen this morning even though Firefox upgraded 4-5 days ago, it is because I just rebooted my laptop this morning. It was not rebooted for a week, so this bug did not show up earlier.

As far a Windows10, since it is a Virtual Machine, I noticed it immediately when Firefox auto-upgraded last week to version 75.0 (since I reboot it all the time, so issue showed up upon first reboot). In the case of Windows 10, I have several Gmail accounts (One for myself, one for daughter, one for son, etc...). So my Gmail is in the "default" container, my son is in "son" container and daughter is in "daughter" container. Immediately after the upgrade to Firefox 75.0, whenever I try to open any Gmail (from any container ... no matter which container it is), it auto-switch to one specific container (Let's call it the "yellow" container). I have tried from 6 different containers, and it always goes to the "yellow" container. What's even worse, it is not opening anymore my Gmail anymore, even in the "yellow" container. The only way for me to open my Gmail at this moment is by opening it in a "private" window. When I tried to roll-back to 74.x, whenever I open Firefox, it asks me to create a new profile (a blank one) and it is refusing to use my normal profile (the one containing all my bookmarks, my tab, my configuration). It states that "things" got upgraded to a new format (or something like that). The only way to be able to open my "normal" profile is to upgrade again to v75.0.

That's definitely a bug with Firefox 75.0 because I have been using this Containers settings since Mozilla implemented the containers features N years ago. So for several and several versions of Firefox, it has been working without an issue, but the bug only showed in v75.0

Please note that I already reported it as a feedback last week as soon as I noticed it. But I guess this was not the proper place to report it then.

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Hi asanchez1234

It's not clear to me what you did exactly.

Here's what I did:

1. opened gmail in the "Personal" container and assigned gmail to the personal container 2. in a gmail email, right clicked on a link and then clicked on Open link in new container tab -> Work

Expected Result is the same as actual results 3. new tab in the work container opened just fine

Please clarify what you did, in particular what you did in what order, and what you expected, and what actually happened.




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