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Thunderbird and mailing lists, Replies to topics are sent By the wrong sender

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Hi there; I will do what I can with my basic English to explain what's wrong, but I'm posting here because French forum didn't help, nor Bugzilla.


1. Everything was working fine before build #31, the problems started then and has never been solved since. 2. I have several accounts in Thunderbird and Some of my accounts are subscribed to some mailing lists 3. Since V31, When I reply to males from one of these lists, the reply's sender is different from The account the mail was sent to, and I have to change the sender back manually for each reply; This doesn't happen with other mails I receive; I know it sounds crazy, at least for me, but can you help, Thanks.

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I think you may find that the email sent to you, used a mailing list name and so it is not possible to send back to that name and so Thunderbird, not being able to find the account name uses the default one.

Can you check the full headers?

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Hi Toad. I thought of that too, but some of the mailing lists I'm having problems with are subscribed to by my default account, and Thunderbird is sending replies from another account. Tricky isn't it? Best, JP

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Hi there. My problem remains, update after update. Can anyone help? Could it have something to do with my computer? But then why mailing lists only? I am under French Win 7 64 bits, if it matters.

Please help, cheers,

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Toad-Hall has a point, If it cant find what address you recieved it on, due to a list, it has to choose your default address. if you wish you can forward a message to me. click on my name to find address

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Hi Gnospen. But that is the weirdest thing, my default account is subscribed to some of these mailing lists, but when replying to their messages, TB chooses another account.

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It has nothing to do with what account you subscribed to use. They are not sending you a personal letter, it is going out using a mass emailing system and so replies cannot locate anything from the Mailing List.

What account is the mail received into? Is it the account you have set up to be the default mail account or is it being received into another mail account (not the default one') or is it being filtered into eg: Local Folders.

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Dear Toad. Thanks for helping. You wrote :

"What account is the mail received into? Is it the account you have set up to be the default mail account or is it being received into another mail account (not the default one') or Is it being filtered into eg: Local Folders." </blockquote>

I have three accounts grouped in my local folder, the reason is that they were imported from Outlook express along time ago. 2, I find it easier this way because I only have one inbox to watch. But messages from the problematic lists are always received in the accounts they were subscribed to. Not my default account. It's only when sending replies to these messages that the problem occurs. However, as I said in my previous message, the problem only started with build 31 and everything was okay before this. Something has definitely changed but I don't know what.

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I think we really need to have a look at the mail header of these messages.

Unfortunately this forum mangles such information to the point of all value being lost. But I might be able to edit it into something useful after you post it.

So press Ctrl+U on one of the emails and copy the header part and paste it into a reply here on the forum. Put in nothing else and I will try and edit you post to make it readable after you are done.

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Dear Matt. Thank you so much. In my two next post, I will expose two different headers from two different mailing lists each subscribed to a different account, so you can see the common points between them, and hopefully what is causing the problem. Cheers, JPR

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I must apologize, but I have not been near my computer for days and tonight found your emails in the Gmail spam folder... Good work Google, you used to get it right.

I have two mail headers; One delivered to Account 3 which appears to be yahoo groups. One delivered to Account 5. which appears to be list.

Which of these is causing you issues?

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Dear Matt. Both. That's why I sent them, showing that both mailing list headers are having the same symptoms. Incidentally, the Yahoo groups one is subscribed to my default account but still sends the reply from a different sender. Strange isn't it? Now could it be my computer? Thanks for helping, Best, JPR

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I think in this conversation we should be reading "mailing lists" to mean "newsgroups".

News servers, nntp, etc? I struggle with the terminology and it's complicated by many newsgroups also having access via email.

In Thunderbird, in the English language versions, "Mailing List" has a very specific usage, meaning multiple addresses grouped up into a list so that the simple name of the list can be used to send to all of its members.

You might find an add-on such as Folder Account will help, by setting which one of your identities should be used for each folder.

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Hi Zenos. According to your definition : "multiple addresses grouped up into a list so that the simple name of the list can be used to send to all of its members", mailing list is the right term for my issue. If you like, I can send you the email headers in private to make sure I'm not being confused. Cheers, JPR

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Zenos said

..... You might find an add-on such as Folder Account will help, by setting which one of your identities should be used for each folder.

Search for it in add-ons / get add-ons

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Maybe, but why should I get an add-on for something that was working perfectly before Build 31? +I would not like to be constrained to use folders. Cheers, JPR

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check the SMTP server settings.

First. Right click an account and select settings Scroll to the outgoing server (SMTP) entry and check you have an SMTP server configured for each account. GO back to the account settings (Above server settings) and check the correct SMTP server is specified.

Second Go to the troubleshooting information on the help menu. under Mail and News accounts are account 3 and 5 actually the account you think they are? Sometimes accounts get renumbered moving to a new device, depending on how it is done. Is this the case here?

IS the any rhyme or reason to the incorrectly selects accounts. Such as mail accounts with the same domain each time or same wrong account selected each time?

As an experiment, use the show profile button in the troubleshooting information and then close Thunderbird. Delete the panacea.dat file in the folder that opens in Explorer. Restart Thunderbird Any change?

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Thanks a lot Matt, I'll try that. Just for curiosity's sake, are we talking about mailing lists or newsgroups here? Thanks, JPR

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Dear Matt, everything looks normal in my profile as far as I can see. Every account has its own SMTP server and seems well assigned to it. The removal of panacea did not change anything. Thanks, JPR

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1. You mentioned "yahoo groups".

2. A Mailing List in Thunderbird is an internal convenience to help you to send to multiple recipients. It doesn't make sense to talk about replying or subscribing to one of these.

So I think we're talking about newsgroups or discussion groups. But some discussion forums describe themselves as a News List, and confusingly, given our usage in Thunderbird, Mailing List, and yes, you would subscribe to one of these.

Some time ago there was a change in Thunderbird and users started reporting issues with Reply All and also how it handled Cc addresses when replying. I think the symptoms you describe are of this type.

If the behaviour of Thunderbird has changed and it no longer does as you want, then I think it would be appropriate to look for an addon that made it work as you wish. I would suggest Folder Account, or Correct Identity, as either can help in automatically selecting and using the preferred address when replying.

Thunderbird itself has a newsgroup, hosted on a server with the name and this is accessible by both email and via a newsreader program. (Thunderbird can provide both of these access modes because it is both an email client and a news reader client.) In the case of email, you do have to be careful to use the email address you registered with when signing up. In my case, the two addons mentioned have been helpful in making sure that if I post via email I use the right identity.

On this Android tablet that I am struggling with right now, I use a discrete news reader app because the provided mail app doesn't do nntp. However, at work, the company firewall blocks usenet connections so there i am obliged to use email.

I imagine that both Yahoo and Google would very much prefer you to use your browser to access their groups, so that's a third way of getting into these groups.

Yes, that's why I become confused about the terminology.

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I received the following IM today.

jeanphi 8/11/16, 8:58 PM Dear Matt. Problem solved, almost by chance. First, remember all my accounts are grouped in my local folders, I like it this way as I would not want to look for my new messages in multiple folders. Then, I realised that if I created a folder for one of my problematic account, the problem was solved. I wondered why, and I went to my account settings and discovered that each account has spam settings, but so has local folders. The first checkbox in these settings, if I translate from French to English, goes something like: "enable adaptive control for spams on this account". I uncheck this box for local folders and left it check for every other account, and bingo! I still don't understand why but now everything seems to be back to normal. Any explanation? Thanks for having been so patient and helpful. Best regards, JPR
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