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How do I delete a bookmark from "Recently bookmarked" without removing it from the folder where I placed it?

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I want to keep a bookmark in a folder -- but not in the "Recently Bookmarked" list. The recent list grows longer, but there is no way to scroll that list -- so something you want will eventually drop out of view. I either need to make the "recent" list longer -- or delete the clutter from that list -- WITHOUT removing the bookmark from the folder where I stored it.

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If you create new bookmarks then the new entry will appear at the top of the list and the items in the list will shift down.

  • "Most Visited" and "Recently Bookmarked" and "Recent Tags" are examples of so called Smart Bookmarks folders and are not real existing folders.
  • Smart folders show a list created by a query of the places.sqlite database that stores bookmarks and history in Firefox.
  • Smart folder lists show a maximum of 10 entries by default.
  • Bookmarks and history items that show up in a smart folder list are stored elsewhere in another folder and any changes made are applied to the real bookmark or history item.
  • If you remove an entry then the list is shifted up and a new entry that wasn't shown previously is added to show 10 entries.
  • If you add a new bookmark or visit a website then a new item is added at the top and the entry at the bottom disappears from that list.
  • Items that disappear from the list are not gone, but merely do not show up anymore in that list.
  • Actions like copy & paste or delete that you perform on bookmarks in such a list are done on the original bookmark.
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If you are using the "one click" method of bookmarking, Firefox adds the new item to an "Unsorted Bookmarks" list instead of to the main Bookmarks menu or any specific folder.

To relocate your existing bookmarks, and to create them in a better location in the future, you have a few different options:

(1) Use the Library dialog to reorganize. You can open that using either Ctrl+Shift+b or "Show All Bookmarks". At the lower left, you'll see Unsorted Bookmarks and if you click that, all your "one click" bookmarks. You can drag those to a more useful location on the Bookmarks Toolbar or Bookmarks Menu.

(2) Create future bookmarks in a different location. A few different ways:

  • double-click the star icon to immediately display the Edit Bookmark dialog
  • press Ctrl+d to create the bookmark, it defaults to the bottom of the Bookmarks menu
  • right-click a blank area of the page and click the star icon on the context menu, that works the same as Ctrl+d

Does that help?

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I tried all of the above...NO joy. What I want to do is put a bookmark in a folder from the Recently Bookmarked list, and then delete it from the recently bookmarked list. Since I intentionally put it in a folder, I do not need it to remain on the RB list. The recent bmarked list should be for something I want to revisit once or twice more and then discard it, or be able to "Move it " to a permanent folder and get it off the RB list. As it is now the bookmarked item is in three places ...Unsorted, Recent list and the folder I put it in. This is not necessary. SOO, is there a way to do the above mentioned "what I want to do" Thanks, I await your reply.

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Hi jweigh, the Recently Bookmarked list shows the results of a search across all your bookmarks, based on the date added to your bookmarks. That's all it is, it isn't a temporary or working folder. If that's not useful to you, you can hide it (for example, drag it into a folder of less important stuff), but there's no way to change how it works.

There are ways to create new search folders, but the technique is a little arcane and it's hard to think of a way to do what you're asking.

You should be able to physically move a bookmark from Unsorted Bookmarks to a real folder. What method are you using currently that is causing duplication?

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You need to realize that "Recently Bookmarked" is not a real existing folder, but is a so called smart folder like I posted above and merely shows a list that is the result of an SQLite database file query.

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Same problem, it's retarded. Mozilla needs to fix this.

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Hi badandy, you can suggest feature changes for future versions of Firefox here: