Music, Photos and Video

Take pictures, record videos and listen to music on your Firefox OS phone.

  • Download music, photos and videos Firefox OS lets you easily put music, photos and videos on your device by downloading them from the browser. Just long-tap on a file and choose save.
  • Share music, videos and photos Firefox OS makes it easy to send files that you find while browsing to your email or messaging contacts.
  • Record Videos This article provides instructions on recording videos with your camera.
  • Listen to the radio This article explains how to listen to the radio on a device running Firefox OS.
  • Manage photo and video gallery The Gallery app lets you easily view and share the photos you take with your Firefox OS device. Here's how to view, edit, share, delete and backup your photos.
  • Using the camera This articles provide instructions on taking pictures with your camera.
  • Play and manage music The Firefox OS Music app gives you a number of ways to listen to your music. Let's go through the basics.
  • Adding music We'll explain how to transfer music from your computer and, for Firefox OS v 1.1 and higher, how to download it from the browser or receive it over Bluetooth.