Basic Features

Learn the basic functionality for your Firefox OS phone.

  • Search and discover content Firefox OS has a global search bar that lets you search your phone, the Web, and new, popular app categories, all in one place.
  • Get started with Firefox OS This article covers the basic features of Firefox OS - apps, messaging, contacts, music and more. It also links to articles that you'll want to explore later.
  • Visit websites on Firefox OS Firefox OS helps you find your favorite websites quickly with little or no typing. We'll show you how.
  • Switch or quit apps This article shows you how to quickly switch between open Firefox OS apps and how to close them.
  • Navigating your Firefox OS phone Learn how to get around your Firefox OS phone using these simple touch gestures.
  • Set alarm clock This article explains how to use the alarm clock app in Firefox OS.
  • Add and manage calendars This article will help you get your personal calendars available for viewing and editing on your smartphone.