Email and Messages

Keep in touch with your contacts through email and messaging.

  • View all Hotmail or Outlook emails Hotmail and Outlook are set to sync emails from a certain time period. To see all of your email, you'll need to change the account setting to sync all messages.
  • WhatsApp alternatives - Firefox OS WhatsApp isn't directly available on Firefox OS, but you can still use a WhatsApp client on your device or chat with friends using Facebook or LINE.
  • Add email accounts The Email app is the best way to work with email on Firefox OS. This article explains how to add your email account to the app.
  • Switch to a secure email provider There are multiple, free email providers that offer secure, encrypted connections. Using one will better protect your emails and your email password.
  • Email notifications and inbox sync Never miss an email again! Here's how to set notifications and sync preferences on your Firefox OS device.
  • Send messages The Firefox OS Messages app lets you send and receive short text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages. This article will get you up and running in no time.
  • No SMS after switching from iPhone Are you no longer receiving text messages after switching from iPhone to Firefox OS? Here's how to turn off iMessages so you can receive text messages again.
  • Send and manage email The Firefox OS Email app let's you send email and manage multiple accounts. This article will show you how.