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This article is no longer maintained, so its content might be out of date.

We're sorry we weren't here to help you. We hope you'll find the information on this page helpful.

When to come back

Hours of operation

These are the hours when someone will be available to answer questions. We'll expand these hours as more people start helping from around the world.

After hours

Currently, we are trying to make sure someone is always around to answer questions during our set hours. However, our helpers are encouraged to sign on after hours if that's when they have time to help. The availability of help after hours will vary widely. If you need help after hours, please see below for more support options.

Where else to get help

  • If you haven't already, try searching the Knowledge Base. The most frequently encountered issues are already documented there.
  • You can try posting in the forums. Responses to forum posts are usually quick, and you can be emailed when someone replies to your question.
  • If you'd really like real time support right away you can try Mozilla's IRC network. You can connect via a web-based IRC client such as Mibbit.

What you can try on your own

Many issues can be worked around by following the steps in the Troubleshoot and diagnose Firefox problems article. Also, knowing whether any of these steps made a difference can help you get faster help if you still need to come back.

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