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Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for desktop 157,818
[Fx97] Custom '''Cookies''' Total Cookie Protection (TCP) option is now ''Cross-site tracking cookies, and isolate other cross-site cookies'' (see discussion on TCP rollout).
How to troubleshoot time related errors on secure websites 90,754
Review steps to set the date and time on Windows 11 and add separate instructions, if needed.
Download Firefox on Windows from the Microsoft Store 24,573
Add about:support issues to the warning box? (see discussion)
Secure website certificate 8,156
Add back Certificate content section so that it matches the information on the Certificate Viewer page? See discussion on updates for fx71.
View PDF files in Firefox or choose another viewer 7,385
Review and update keyboard shortcuts for Firefox 106 (see discussion). Still need Linux image showing Applications-PDF drop-down menu
Task Manager - see whether tabs or extensions are slowing down Firefox 4,282
Task Manager vs Process Manager : more article updates needed, including how to use the Process Manager in fx104+ (see discussion)
"Firefox is already running but is not responding" error - How to fix 3,630
Needs review for win11
Firefox accounts on 3,573
Article overhaul needed? See discussion.
Customize items on your Firefox New Tab page 3,257
Downloads in Highlights/Recent Activity - see discussion
Automatic Account Configuration 3,204
The immediate problem with Yahoo is addressed. The entire article however is dated.
How to add translate feature to Firefox 3,062
Link to Mozilla's new Firefox Translations add-on?
Change web appearance settings in Firefox 2,279
Change title to replace"web appearance" with "website appearance" to match the settings name?
Permission request messages for Thunderbird extensions 2,221
Mark for localization once text stabilizes
What is the winmail.dat attachment? 2,045
Link to MS Support Bulletin/Article discussion: - cilias [2018-11-28]
Accessibility features in Firefox - Make Firefox and web content work for all users 1,987
Mention userContent.css for controlling web content? see discussion.
Unload inactive tabs to save system memory in Firefox 1,388
[Fx95] Automatic tab unloading to be enabled on macOS in Firefox 95 release? (bug 1730066) - see discussion
unable launch older version on profile 1,148
> should we mention --allow-downgrade here, or in a separate article? Allow downgrade is mentioned in another article
Managing Account Data 1,082 was decommissioned in November 2020 (see discussion). Add Mozilla People Directory and/or Community Portal?
Configuration Options for Accounts 766
needs documentation for NNTP, Chat, and SMTP - CI 2018-02-01
Thunderbird FAQ 714
Firefox advanced customization and configuration options 626
mention userContent.css (see discussion)
Firefox doesn't save web form entries 626
[Add common issues section] 2 scenarios Firefox cannot control (see discussion posted Dec 20, 2017)
Message Tags - Categorize your email in Thunderbird 460
Needs Linux screenshots - CI 2016-07-18
Instant Messaging and Chat 457
Facebook chat doesn't work anymore, see Further image edits are required to replace images that show Facebook.
Contributors guide on Firefox advanced customization with CSS 250
mention userContent.css (see discussion)
Unify your POP email accounts with a global inbox 247
Needs Windows and Linux screenshots - CI [2018-07-20]
Contributors Guide to Writing a Good Bug 226
Existing Guidelines for Writing your First Bug: MDN page is a bad link (bug 1721056)
How to use a Virtual Card (vCard) 224
Needs new screenshots for linux.
Firefox asks for authentication (password, voice, face or fingerprint) when accessing passwords 215
Archive? See discussion.
Add-on signing in Firefox for Android 211
Need to update MDN links - see discussion
Thunderbird and OpenPGP Alias Keys 184
What do the SSLv3 error messages mean on Firefox? 166
Move to Administration category? See discussion
Web pages aren't displaying properly in Firefox for Android 142
Needs further review before L10N
Forum Moderation Guidelines 107
Marking threads as solved - remove? See discussion.
Safari Integration in Firefox iOS 106
Thanks, Rodrigo. Would you like to send another revision to modify the "enable Firefox Focus in Safari" section into heading level 2? See for markup cheat sheet.
Restore the default Smart Bookmarks Folders 101
Archive? see discussion.
Firefox Support troubleshooting guide 74
Review for other outdated info; Where to get help - escalating support threads (see discussion)
What's the difference between MDN and MDN Plus? 56
Edit note to add more countries to MDN Plus availability (see discussion)
Mobile Accessibility Features 48
[verdi] This article should be merged with "How to use TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility"
About the Knowledge Base 47
1. "Organizing our work" section is outdated or describes processes not being followed. 2. Update"Where do we talk about articles?" section to include Bugzilla and other forums? See discussion.
I can't print wirelessly when Mozilla VPN is on 47
Need note about iOS (bug 1790460)
Adding screencasts 42
Updates needed - see discussion.
Article Review Guidelines 25
Add section on Keywords - see discussion
Add Search Engine to Open Search 23
Doesn't work on Thunderbird 60
Anatomy of a Knowledge Base article 19
Need to update examples.
Adding screenshots 18
Intro: Replace Firefox Hello with a different example.
L10N guidelines for reviewing translated articles 18
Needs a full review - see discussion - Managing account data 15
Archive or update/rename this article? See discussion.
Escalation Guidelines 13
Updates needed. see discussion.
How to use For 13
Update Firefox version examples; add info for using showfor with other products such as Firefox for Android or Thunderbird? Article currently applies only to Firefox for Desktop.
Firefox Nightly Error Collection 12
Review "For help with Nightly" Bugzilla link - see discussion
Inviting Users to Total Cookie Protection in Standard Mode 11
TCP to be enabled by default for all users? See discussion and June 14 2022 Mozilla blog post
How do I quit Firefox for Android? 9
Move back to "How to" category? See discussion.
How to answer escalated questions 8
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Firefox for Android for Support Forum Contributors 7
Needs review by Android contributor. Update or archive this article? See discussion.
What's new in Firefox Preview 3.0 7
Archive this article?
Workaround to make Estonian Smartcards work in Firefox 76+ 7
Archive this article? See discussion.
Angry User Training 6
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Social Support Common Replies 6
Customer Service Contributor Forum Skills 5
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Support forum - Find support questions 5
1. Restore link to "How to navigate..." article once it's updated. 2. Moved to Administration category until articles in the "Complete Forum Support Guidelines" section are approved. See discussion.
How to participate in SUMO contributor meetings 4
Archive or redirect? See discussion.
In what countries will the Firefox Private Network extension be available? 4
Ready For Localization? (See discussion)
Forum response - Bookmark folders missing in Firefox Quantum 3
Change response title to remove "Quantum" and update link in common forum responses (see discussion)
Using Pontoon to Localize SUMO 3
Verbatim >> Pontoon
Firefox for Support Forum Contributors 2
Archive this article? see discussion.
Template:ExportHTMLBookmarks 2
Could use a better Mac image showing the drop-down menu.
Forum response - Download Token 1
Link to " About Firefox Desktop Attribution" KB article for details - see discussion.
How to navigate and use the support forum platform 1
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Template:newerversionios 1
Needs to be updated with each new release
Template:top5afterword 1
Review removal of this "experimental" template - see discussion.
What's new in Firefox 5.0 1
Archive this article?
Evaluating a Solution in the Forum
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Forum response - Add Yahoo Search to Firefox
[Fx61] Search engine discovery added to address bar (bug 1221539)
Forum response - feature requests for firefox for ios
Add back to common forum responses when updating how to send feedback (see discussion)
Forum Response - Websites will not load after Firefox update
Update response title and common forum responses link (see discussion)
Notifications in Firefox for Android
[47] - new article needed
Remove content for this template? Feature has been disabled since May 2020.