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Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for desktop 149,933
[Fx97] Custom '''Cookies''' Total Cookie Protection (TCP) option is now ''Cross-site tracking cookies, and isolate other cross-site cookies'' (see discussion on TCP rollout).
Does Firefox share my location with websites? 22,817
Dark theme screenshot -> Light theme screenshot
Download Firefox on Windows from the Microsoft Store 14,221
Add about:support display issue to the warning box? (bug 1760396)
Secure website certificate 9,999
Add back Certificate content section so that it matches the information on the Certificate Viewer page? See discussion on updates for fx71.
Inviting Users to Total Cookie Protection in Standard Mode 9,778
TCP to be enabled by default for all users? See discussion and June 14 2022 Mozilla blog post
View PDF files in Firefox or choose another viewer 7,828
"Using Firefox's built-in PDF viewer" section needs review (and new screenshots?). Still need Linux image showing Applications-PDF drop-down menu
Third-party cookies and Firefox tracking protection 5,922
[Fx97] Custom settings for Cookies: options have changed (see discussion)
Where to find and manage downloaded files in Firefox 5,566
[Fx101] Change where downloads are saved: Downloads setting "Save files to" no longer disabled when Always ask... , which is now a checkbox, is selected (Bug 1762775). See discussion. [Fx102] New UI to disable the preference (bug 1749998). See discussion.
Automatic Account Configuration 4,210
The immediate problem with Yahoo is addressed. The entire article however is dated.
Firefox accounts on 3,994
Article overhaul needed? See discussion.
Tab preferences and settings 3,716
[Fx94] Need new images for mac and linux Tabs settings
"Firefox is already running but is not responding" error - How to fix 3,579
Need new "Task Manager-win10" screenshot and updated instructions for win10 for ending the firefox.exe processes. See discussion.
Fix printing problems in Firefox 3,552
[Fx86] Check Firefox page settings: Update for new print UI (related bug 1666810)
View Virtual Reality with Firefox WebVR 3,533
WebVR is no longer Windows only. Update article for macOS? See discussion.
Font size and zoom - increase the size of web pages 3,040
Update images for Firefox menu, Fx100settingsWebsiteAppearance
Customize items on your Firefox New Tab page 2,865
Downloads in Highlights/Recent Activity - see discussion
Changes to how file downloads are handled in Firefox version 98 2,733
[Fx102] Update for new Downloads button context menu option to disable the preference, added in bug 1749998 (see discussion)
Permission request messages for Thunderbird extensions 2,254
Mark for localization once text stabilizes
Accessibility features in Firefox - Make Firefox and web content work for all users 2,226
See discussion threads. 1. "Fonts and Colors" are now separate "Colors" and "Fonts" settings since at least Fx100. 2. High Contrast, and built-in Reader View
What is the winmail.dat attachment? 2,058
Link to MS Support Bulletin/Article discussion: - cilias [2018-11-28]
How to stop Firefox from making automatic connections 1,850
[Jan 2018] Missing or incomplete content (bug 1433494, 1432248) and [September 21, 2017] Add browser.safebrowsing. blockedURIs.enabled - CI (plugin stability block list) discussions.
Config Editor 1,578
Leaving localization for a few days pending further edits.
What is the Mozilla Maintenance Service? 1,121
Need link for Windows 11 uninstall info
Thunderbird FAQ 889
Use bookmarklets to quickly perform common web page tasks 867
Dead URLs ... should we update or archive this article? See discussion.
unable launch older version on profile 837
> should we mention --allow-downgrade here, or in a separate article? Allow downgrade is mentioned in another article
Unload inactive tabs to save system memory in Firefox 787
[Fx95] Automatic tab unloading to be enabled on macOS in Firefox 95 release? (bug 1730066) - see discussion
Configuration Options for Accounts 772
needs documentation for NNTP, Chat, and SMTP - CI 2018-02-01
Use mouse shortcuts to perform common tasks in Firefox 625
Use {key control} for mac instead of {key Ctrl} ... and {key option} instead of {key Opt} (see discussion)
Firefox doesn't save web form entries 559
[Add common issues section] 2 scenarios Firefox cannot control (see discussion posted Dec 20, 2017)
How to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit Firefox 550
Archive this article? See discussion.
Add-on signing in Firefox for Android 364
Need to update MDN links - see discussion
Message Tags - Categorize your email in Thunderbird 363
Needs Linux screenshots - CI 2016-07-18
Change web appearance settings in Firefox 318
Change title to replace"web appearance" with "website appearance" to match the settings name?
Unify your POP email accounts with a global inbox 302
Needs Windows and Linux screenshots - CI [2018-07-20]
Re-enable add-ons that were disabled when updating Firefox 291
Archive this article? It's about re-enabling add-ons disabled after Firefox version 57 update.
Instant Messaging and Chat 288
Facebook chat doesn't work anymore, see Further image edits are required to replace images that show Facebook.
Contributors Guide to Writing a Good Bug 240
Existing Guidelines for Writing your First Bug: MDN page is a bad link (bug 1721056)
What do the SSLv3 error messages mean on Firefox? 208
Move to Administration category? See discussion
How to use a Virtual Card (vCard) 207
Needs new screenshots for linux.
Extensions Disabled by Mozilla in October 2019 156
Archive this article?
Restore the default Smart Bookmarks Folders 123
Archive? see discussion.
Firefox Support troubleshooting guide 103
Review for other outdated info; Where to get help - escalating support threads (see discussion)
Firefox crashes - asking for support 81
See discussion, IMHO this and related articles need improving.
Mobile Accessibility Features 72
[verdi] This article should be merged with "How to use TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility"
Forum Moderation Guidelines 70
Marking threads as solved - remove? See discussion.
Web pages aren't displaying properly in Firefox for Android 61
Needs further review before L10N
What's the difference between MDN and MDN Plus? 55
Edit note to add more countries to MDN Plus availability (see discussion)
Pocket sponsored stories on new tabs 45
Are Sponsored Stories English-language only? See discussion.
Adding screencasts 38
Updates needed - see discussion.
Safari Integration in Firefox iOS 30
Thanks, Rodrigo. Would you like to send another revision to modify the "enable Firefox Focus in Safari" section into heading level 2? See for markup cheat sheet.
Unable to log in to websites that use signText on Firefox 29
Archive this article or update the signtextjs add-on link? See discussion.
Anatomy of a Knowledge Base article 25
Need to update examples.
About the Knowledge Base 20
1. "Organizing our work" section is outdated or describes processes not being followed. 2. Update"Where do we talk about articles?" section to include Bugzilla and other forums? See discussion.
L10N guidelines for reviewing translated articles 19
Needs a full review - see discussion
Prerequisite for sending an encrypted email message 19
Thunderbird and OpenPGP Alias Keys 17
Add Search Engine to Open Search 16
Doesn't work on Thunderbird 60
Firefox warned you about malware 16
Archive this Administration category article if it's no longer needed. See discussion "Purpose of this Article"
Article Review Guidelines 15
Add section on Keywords - see discussion
In what countries will the Firefox Private Network extension be available? 14
Ready For Localization? (See discussion)
How do I quit Firefox for Android? 13
Move back to "How to" category? See discussion.
Adding screenshots 11
Intro: Replace Firefox Hello with a different example.
Escalation Guidelines 9
Updates needed. see discussion.
Firefox Nightly Error Collection 8
Review "For help with Nightly" Bugzilla link - see discussion
Forum response - Download Token 6
Link to " About Firefox Desktop Attribution" KB article for details - see discussion.
Workaround to make Estonian Smartcards work in Firefox 76+ 6
Archive this article? See discussion.
Angry User Training 4
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
How to answer escalated questions 4
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
How to navigate and use the support forum platform 4
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Social Support Common Replies 4
Evaluating a Solution in the Forum 3
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Forum response - Bookmark folders missing in Firefox Quantum 3
Change response title to remove "Quantum" and update link in common forum responses (see discussion)
Firefox for Android for Support Forum Contributors 2
Needs review by Android contributor. Update or archive this article? See discussion.
How to participate in SUMO contributor meetings 2
Archive or redirect? See discussion.
Introduction to Contributor Quality Training 2
Update or archive? See discussion.
What's new in Firefox Preview 3.0 2
Archive this article?
Customer Service Contributor Forum Skills 1
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Firefox for Support Forum Contributors 1
Archive this article? see discussion.
Forum response - Add Yahoo Search to Firefox 1
[Fx61] Search engine discovery added to address bar (bug 1221539)
Forum Response - Websites will not load after Firefox update 1
Update response title and common forum responses link (see discussion)
Template:newerversionios 1
Needs to be updated with each new release
Using Pontoon to Localize SUMO 1
Verbatim >> Pontoon
What's new in Firefox 5.0 1
Archive this article?
Contributor Quality Training Conclusion
Update or archive this article? See discussion.
Forum response - feature requests for firefox for ios
Add back to common forum responses when updating how to send feedback (see discussion)
Notifications in Firefox for Android
[47] - new article needed
Could use a better Mac image showing the drop-down menu.
Review removal of this "experimental" template - see discussion.