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Get started with Firefox - An overview of the main features 1,829,803
Web Push notifications in Firefox 175,091
Add screenshot to section on disabling all Notifications - see discussion
Cookies - Information that websites store on your computer 95,734
[Fx70] Updates needed: Content blocking -> Enhanced Tracking Protection
Enable and disable cookies that websites use to track your preferences 75,021
[Fx70] Update needed: Content blocking -> Enhanced Tracking Protection
Content blocking 70,486
After Oct 22, 2019, when Firefox 70 is released, add note {for not fx70} to [[Update Firefox to the latest release]] with etp info, link to new article (70 updates will go to the enhanced-tracking-protection-firefox-desktop article)
Manage local site storage settings 45,428
Consider Merging "Clear cookies and site data in Firefox" article with this one (see discussion)
Install an older version of Firefox 36,470
need to update for each new Firefox release
Clear cookies and site data in Firefox 32,106
Consider merging with "Manage local site storage settings" article (bug 1441804 #c12) - See discussion.
How do I turn on the Do Not Track feature? 31,315
[Fx70] Updates needed: Content blocking -> Enhanced Tracking Protection
Password Manager - Remember, delete, change and import saved passwords in Firefox 25,049
[Fx70] Update based on Lockwise (see discussion); unhide warning {for not fx70} after Oct 22, 2019, when Firefox 70 is released
Change your default search settings in Firefox 21,319
Firefox menu icon is missing on Android - how to access the menu 11,465
needs technical check
Configuration Editor for Firefox 10,228
about:config redesign (see discussion)
I'm having problems with my Firefox Account 10,095
"You successfully connected your first device to your Firefox Account.” applies to any new device? (see discussion)
Secure your Firefox Account with two-step authentication 8,909
[Attn: Admin] Add Two factor authentication app for Linux? Authenticator add-ons? See discussion
Websites say cookies are blocked - Unblock them 7,779
[Fx70] Update needed: Content blocking -> Enhanced Tracking Protection
Use the Troubleshooting Information page to help fix Firefox issues 6,994
[Fx69] Update image for fx69 after Sept 3, 2019, when Firefox 69 is released
Disable third-party cookies in Firefox to stop some types of tracking by advertisers 5,859
[Fx70] Update needed: Content blocking -> Enhanced Tracking Protection
Secure Website Certificate 4,323
Review for other needed updates.
Block websites from storing cookies and site data in Firefox 4,008
[Fx70] Updates needed: Content blocking -> Enhanced Tracking Protection
How to stop Firefox from making automatic connections 3,593
[Jan 2018] Missing or incomplete content (bug 1433494, 1432248) also: [September 21, 2017] Add browser.safebrowsing.blockedURIs.enabled - CI (plugin stability block list) - see discussion.
Cannot remove an add-on (extension or theme) 2,690
[Fx40] Review and update "Uninstalling manually" section as needed - see discussion
Add-ons that cause stability or security issues are put on a blocklist 2,309
[Fx69] Review for needed updates. "Always Activate" and "Remember this decision" Flash options removed (bug 1519434)
Add-on signing in Firefox for Android 1,977
Need to update MDN links - see discussion
Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for desktop 1,821
replace animated GIFs added Sept 13, 2019 with static images, preferably before marking the article RFL. See discussion.
What is the winmail.dat attachment? 1,638
Link to MS Support Bulletin/Article discussion: - cilias [2018-11-28]
How to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit Firefox 1,538
Archive or update? (see discussion, bug 1557117)
What is the Mozilla Maintenance Service? 1,464
[Fx68?] new Update service to replace MMS - see discussion
Configuration Options for Accounts 1,332
needs documentation for NNTP, Chat, and SMTP - CI 2018-02-01
What do the SSLv3 error messages mean on Firefox? 1,292
Move to Administration category? See discussion
Use mouse shortcuts to perform common tasks in Firefox 1,148
Use {key control} for mac instead of {key Ctrl} ... and {key option} instead of {key Opt} (see discussion)
Firefox for Android displays blank web pages 1,070
Needs further review before L10N
Config Editor 1,069
Screenshot update - Warning now says "I accept the risk". -cilias [2018-11-26]
Firefox's protection against fingerprinting 1,023
Clean this up once it's ready for localization (i.e. feature is more developed)
Firefox doesn't save web form entries 924
[Add common issues section] 2 scenarios Firefox cannot control (see discussion posted Dec 20, 2017)
Using Tabs on Firefox for Android 914
This article will eventually need to be broken up into smaller articles.
Instant Messaging and Chat 799
Facebook chat doesn't work anymore, see Further image edits are required to replace images that show Facebook.
Certificate Pinning Reports 709
[Fx66] "Secure Connection Failed" error going away? See discussion.
Message Tags - Categorize your email in Thunderbird 693
Needs Linux screenshots - CI 2016-07-18
Certificate contains the same serial number as another certificate 680
[Fx66] "Secure Connection Failed" error going away? See discussion.
Control notifications in Firefox for Android 627
Archive or update? All "content notifications" code was removed in Firefox 57 (Bug 1396604). See discussion.
unable launch older version on profile 555
should we mention --allow-downgrade here, or in a separate article?
How to use a Virtual Card (vCard) 541
Needs new screenshots for linux.
Log in to Pocket with your Firefox Account 538
Review needed: Available on Firefox for Android? If not, then the Description needs to be edited to remove the "Relevant to:" entry. See Discussion.
Your hardware is no longer supported 459
Archive? see discussion.
Answering questions on the Support Forum 451
Review need for "Escalation Guidelines" link (commented out for now).
Mobile Accessibility Features 438
[verdi] This article should be merged with "How to use TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility"
Unify your POP email accounts with a global inbox 427
Needs Windows and Linux screenshots - CI [2018-07-20]
Firefox crashes - asking for support 380
See discussion, IMHO this and related articles need improving.
View mobile bookmarks on your computer 347
Could use a better screenshot, with default toolbar buttons (see discussion).
Web pages aren't displaying properly in Firefox for Android 293
Needs further review before L10N
Turn picture-in-picture mode controls on and off 213
[Fx71] Review for availability Dec 3, 2019, when Firefox 71 is released. Also check for Mac and Linux, since this feaure is currently at Milestone 3 - Windows (see New article discussion)
How to use TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility 195
[m16] See comments in the wiki source. Changes should be tested/verified [verdi] This article should be merged with "Mobile Accessibility Features"
Write articles for the Knowledge Base 193
"Make step-by-step instructions easy to follow" section needs clarification (see discussion)
Turn off web fonts in Firefox for Android 161
no check mark in 48+ (switch)
Firefox Support troubleshooting guide 111
Where to get help - escalating support threads (see discussion)
Add Search Engine to Open Search 83
Doesn't work on Thunderbird 60
Anatomy of a Knowledge Base article 65
Need to update examples.
About the Knowledge Base 64
"Organizing our work" section is outdated or describes processes not being followed.
Forum Moderation Guidelines 63
Marking threads as solved - remove? See discussion.
Article review guidelines 24
[Attn: admin - Joni] Review "Top articles" definition. Also, should we update guidelines to include Templates? What about "How to Contribute" articles?
Firefox Nightly Error Collection 18
Review "For help with Nightly" Bugzilla link - see discussion
Escalation Guidelines 9
Updates needed. see discussion.
Template:aboutconfig 9
[Fx67] about:config redesign (see discussion)
Firefox for Android for Support Forum Contributors 7
needs quizzes and visuals
Template:newerversionios 3
Needs to be updated with each new release
Forum response - Add Yahoo Search to Firefox 2
[Fx61] Search engine discovery added to address bar (bug 1221539)
Adding screencasts 1
Updates needed - see discussion.
Army of Awesome Common Replies 1
I have added the updated responses.
Firefox OS for Support Forum Contributors 1
Update needed to reflect the status of Firefox OS ... or archive this article? (was: needs quizzes and visuals)
Forum response - feature requests for firefox for ios 1
Add back to common forum responses when updating how to send feedback (see discussion)
Forum Response - Firefox crashes 1
[Fx64] about:crashes UI update (Bug 1476062). Update and include Image:Fx64Beta-aboutcrashes-unsubmitted when Firefox 64 is released.
Forum response - Restore previous session 1
If this response is needed, add it to [[common forum responses]]
How to participate in SUMO contributor meetings 1
Needs review and revision for outdated content, add link to
Notifications in Firefox for Android 1
[47] - new article needed
Template:donottrack 1
[Fx70] Updates needed: Content blocking -> Enhanced Tracking Protection
Template:top5afterword 1
Control for reviewing/removing this "experimental" template - see discussion.
Using the Knowledge Base Dashboard 1
Need to mention the "Complete overview..." link (see discussion).
Community Hub News
We should add more to the Community News, but this can wait.
Contributor Quality Training Conclusion
needs image and summary of all learned
Forum Response Android - Start screen (home page) customization
linked sumo article is not maintained anymore
Using Verbatim to Localize SUMO
Verbatim >> Pontoon