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Current   Chris Ilias s/Forum rules and guidelines/Mozilla Support rules and guidelines
Approved M guigs I have added the draft from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N0yRWlNfhgOCQBywJ-sR4vBPCiQtEboQu6KNBJ6GwuU/edit# per discussion https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/deadline-february-18-2018-following-refreshing-the-sumo-moderator-guidelines/24325/3
Approved M AliceWyman Locking OR Deleting threads: subheadings; other small edits
Approved M AliceWyman linkified "Forum Moderators forum" and "Admin" in last section.
Approved M AliceWyman added section "Marking support forum posts as spam" and related edits
Approved M AliceWyman added more info on locking off-topic questions
Approved M Artist minor edits, inappropiate = inappropriate, removed spare spaces
Approved M AliceWyman changed "multiple new replies" to "new replies"
Approved MT AliceWyman added "executable files" link; fixed internal links
Unreviewed   Madasan Change title to Forum Moderation Guidelines
Unreviewed   Madasan New article with guidelines for forum moderators

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