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Unable to load page - unable to obtain site identification status

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I recently updated Firefox to 78.0.2 running on Ubuntu 18.04. After the update, I could no longer access my website. I emptied all the cookies, cache, history files and everything else and I still couldn't access the site.

I then upgraded Ubuntu to 20.04 with a brand new install that came with the same version of Firefox. I still can't access my website.

On a second computer also running Firefox 78.0.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 I can access my website with no problems. I can also access the website using Google Chrome and from my cell phone and tablets.

The computer on which I can access my website has the website's certificate permanently stored and I can view it from the site's page info. On the problem computer, there is no certificate stored. When I try to get the certificate, it times out with a message "Unable to obtain identification status for this site". No error page pops up and no other information is available.

Can anyone help out here?

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Did you install from the mozilla servers or the ubuntu package manager?

try examining your about:support for both systems and see if there's any discrepancies that might be getting caught up on your website.

You can share these about:support in pastebin.

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This is just plain weird! 2 out of 3 computers running the same version of Firefox on the same version of Ubuntu could not access my website. The third one could. I examined what I could on the about:support page and could find no differences among the three other than the installation number.

At someone's suggestion, I started Firefox in the safe mode and voila, up comes my website. I then quit Firefox and restarted it and voila, here comes my website again. I did nothing else other than start in safe mode and restart in normal mode. I did the same thing on the second compute and got exactly the same results. Now, all three computers are accessing the website flawlessly.

I will not claim the problem is solved as I have no idea what caused it and I am not confident that simply starting in safe mode will fix it and I am not confident that the problem won't recur.