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mute icon in tabs being overridden by certain commercials in audio streams

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Mute option on tabs being overridden by commercials in video streams. Is this supposed to happen? I am watching FoxSportsGo.com and the speaker icon on tabs is being overridden during certain commercials during the video stream. the speaker icon will disappear and allow audio for certain commercials but then turn on again and be muted for other commercials. specifically it looks like a specific Nissan Car commercial is able to disable the mute feature on the tab.

is mozilla selling this feature to certain companies? if so that is horrible. if not then it appears content creators are finding a way to override the mute function.


same website but this time it was another car commercial. however, this time the speaker icon with the line thru it denoting the tab IS MUTED still has that icon visible and did not disappear but the screen went from muted to playing the audio of the commercial. something is not right with this mute. so video playing and both BMW and Nissan commercials on that video stream are overriding the muted tab

Quantum 63.0.3 64-bit windows 7 pro

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Hello walkoffhomerun,

That must be annoying, not being able to mute the sound. Maybe you could contact FoxSportsGo.com about it, although I doubt that there will be anything they can (or want to) do about
it ....

What you could do to mute (and unmute) is use this keyboard shortcut : Ctrl + M

Does that work for you  ?

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You can try this extension.