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I want to use the FF54.0.1. But its automatically updating to 56

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HI, I tried all possible options to block the FF Update like, 1)Changing the Advanced tab in settings 2)in About:Config disabled the auto update, silent update and all update related settings 3)Unchecked install maintenance service while installing 4)Denying write permission to updates folder under appdata

In spite of all these steps, the FF is automatically upgrading to FF56 which I dont want it Can some body please help on how to stop automatic/silent updates.

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You should not be running old versions of Firefox. Is there a reason you are trying to continue to use Firefox 54? It is old, out of date, and has known security holes

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We use a internal app in our org which works only in FF54. As we need to run the app everyday , this auto update is a big blocker issue everyday.

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So if this is an orginizational issue, I would suggest one of two things:

Use Firefox portable 54 for using this app, and Firefox 56 for everything else (it isn't safe to use 54 on the general internet)

Or use Firefox ESR, which is based on 52 right now and will be until next year

Also, work to make that app work with modern web standards, it shouldn't break with a single version update in the modern web.

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Ok, May i Know whats special about portable version? where can i download it? In online i can see portable version of 56 and 57 will it get automatically updated? IF so no point in doing it