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How can i save a web page into pdf format

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Whenever we are browsing through Mozilla Firefox and want to save that webpage there are getting only two file format for saving that page 1 is html & another is text format. So if we want to save a webpage into pdf how can we save it

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Firefox doesn't allow you to save pages as PDF. Although that might change in the future.

Here's a workaround using CutePDF.

Select Free Download.

Anytime you want to save as PDF, just print the web page. But make sure you select CutePDF Writer as the printer. It won't actually print, but allow you to save a PDF copy on your computer. At some point during the installation of CutePDF, you'll be prompted to download the Converter as well, which is expected. But make sure to uncheck installing the "Ask Toolbar" and other optional toolbars.

Hope this helps!

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@Firechemist, I know that Firefox can't convert an HTML page to PDF, but in earlier versions if I opened a document that was already in PDF format, or right-clicked on a link to a PDF file I certainly could save it as a PDF. Now (with Firefox 19.0 and Adobe Reader 11) that is no longer a choice with either method. I don't know what changed, but it's a big headache for me, and I can't imagine that the change is by design.

For years I have also used Primo PDF, which works similarly to CutePDF, but in Firefox I never recall having to do any such thing before--PDF was just an ordinary format option for saving PDF documents. Is it possible that this was never inherent in Firefox, but something in a plugin that I'd forgotten about and has now been removed?

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Hey there,

You certainly can save as PDF in Firefox 19.0. Are you referring to the built-in PDF reader that is new in Firefox 19.0? I can save a PDF file that I open perfectly fine.

For example:

1. Here is a sample PDF file link http://www.samplepdf.com/sample.pdf

2. Press the download button at the top-right corner (See screenshot http://prntscr.com/v6pgg )

3. It will allow you to save the file on your computer as PDF. Click Save File ->OK.

Let me know if this helps. :) You're right, in earlier versions of Firefox, before they introduced the built-in PDF reader, you had to download the Adobe Acrobat plug-in to view and save PDF files.


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To save as PDF simply choose print and change printer to Adobe PDF. (PC format)

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I would read the reviews and consider before adding addons. The first two suggested web2pd and SaveAsPDF have serious flaws from the descriptions and I prefer to stick with my university sanctioned Adobe. The last one given, however, print pages to pdf looks useful and had good reviews so I am testing it.