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although I have uninstalled vuze and then reinstalled firefox, I still see the vuze icon in my search window when I run "google" search in firefox, and the search returns different (than google) results with more advertizing

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in my firefox interface, the search window is in the upper right corner of the screen - it hasn't changed since I made the mistake of installing vuze, but after I run a search, the vuze icon appears at the top of my results window, and the results contain more advertising than if I run the search directly from google's homepage. I have uninstalled vuze and reinstalled firefox, but the problem persists. i would like to rid firefox of the vuze influence - how do I do this?

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set your search engine on the right of the url-bar back to Google again and problem solved! Can anybody advise me on another torrentclient coz I really hate vuze now.