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I can't pay bills online anymore.

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No issues for the past 10+ years of online bill paying. Now....?

No issues for the past 10+ years of online bill paying. Now....?

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What happens when you try to do this in Firefox for iOS? Is there any error message?

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Thanks for responding Paul.

Here's what I get:

Why can't I access Bill Pay? You might have cookies blocked or cross-site tracking prevented. Depending on what browser you're using, check your settings for these terms:

  • Block third party cookies
  • Cookie tracking
  • Cross-site tracking

Make sure cookies are not blocked and cross-site tracking is enabled. Follow any additional instructions in your browser once you have adjusted these settings.

I've never changed a Firefox setting and have successfully paid bills through my bank for 15+ years. Now this???


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Hi Ken,

If you're exerperiencing issues and are getting errors such as the ones you're getting, turning off Enhanced Protection might solve the issue. To turn off Enhanced Protection ONLY for the site that's not working, please comolete the following steps:

  1. Visit the site that you're exerperiencing problems with
  2. Click on the left side of the address bar
  3. Slide off the toggle for "Enhanced Tracking Protection"
  4. Now see if the site works normally.
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Slid off the toggle for "Enhanced Tracking Protection" - no change. Bill Pay is the only area of the entire website that I can't access. Any other options happily accepted.

Thanks, Ken

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Hi Ken, Do you still receive the same error notifications after sliding off Enhanced Protection?

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I just disabled a Firefox add-on extension "DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials" and VOILA!!! I now have full access to my banking. Thank you for forcing me to examine possibilities of problems on my side. All the best, Ken

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kwvtmail said

I just disabled a Firefox ... extension "DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials" and VOILA!!! I now have full access to my banking.

As the iOS version of Firefox (for iPhone/iPad) does not support Extensions, I take it you are actually using desktop Firefox on macOS. Only the desktop (for macOS, Windows, Linux) and Android version of Firefox supports Extensions like those on addons.mozilla.org.

/moved thread from Firefox for iOS (for iPhone/iPad) to (desktop) Firefox section.

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So if this is a supported add-on, why doesn't it work now when it has worked perfectly up to about 2 weeks ago?

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I disabled "DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials" then re-downloaded and enabled. ALL banking options working again. Thanks for your efforts, Ken

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Thank you for letting us know.