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Sign up for FireFox forum

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How can I sign up for Mozilla (firefox) forum?

I have an account, but won't recognize my credentials. They ARE correct.

I try to set up a new account and the security question "how many letters in Mozilla" doesn't work. The answer is 7, but says it's wrong. WFT?

Help w**********y@gmail.com

How can I sign up for Mozilla (firefox) forum? I have an account, but won't recognize my credentials. They ARE correct. I try to set up a new account and the security question "how many letters in Mozilla" doesn't work. The answer is 7, but says it's wrong. WFT? Help w**********y@gmail.com

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Sorry I have to censor your email since this is a public forum. I see you've successfully set up an account now. Is there still any problem?

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I'm guessing the issue was with the MozillaZine forum, which is not part of Mozilla Support. See: Bug 1544395 Mozillazine asking how many letters in Mozilla, to register, but neither 7 or Seven work. (comment 1) http://forums.mozillazine.org/ is not a Mozilla product, but I remember trying to register and had the same problem. After the question "How many letters in Mozilla ?" try typing "6".

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This is about the number of distinct letters in 'Mozilla', so the two 'll' count as one making Mozilla having six (distict) letters. This question could be worded better.

"how many letters are in Mozilla" • mozillaZine Forums

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No help here, but appreciate the thoughts. It JUST doesn't work, so I'll deal with it.


Why the censor? Dont understand, and no you didn't help. This is not the account I was trying to set up.

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Note that the unofficial mozillaZine forum is a different forum then this official Mozilla Support (SUMO) forum, so you need to register at mozillaZine and use the username and password you used when you registered at mozillaZine. The credentials you use for this forum only work for SUMO.

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Not sure that I understand what you're trying to say. MozillaZine if not the issue, and what is SUMO?

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SUMO is short for support.mozilla.org and that is this website. Your question mentions "how many letters in Mozilla" and that question is asked at the mozillaZine forum site and I assume that you have a problem with answering this question as the correct answer in this case is 6 letters and not 7.

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We have a rule for sensitive information in this forum. Please read the forum guidelines to learn more about that.

What Alice and cor-el are trying to say is, http://forums.mozillazine.org/ (where you get the above question) is a different thing from https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/ (this forum). You may want to answer the qusetion with 6 instead of 7.

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I'll admit. I will own the fact that I don't know where or how to add a simple question here in a user name other than the one that I think will show uo with my master name and address when my question does not need to be written in " MY MAIL NAME "

I would like to make a post under some obscure " chat like name " that the inner mechanisms of Mozilla/Firefox can and will have just in case I wind up submitting subject matter deemed " inappropriate " by the hall monitors or any volunteer who signed up to help in whatever shape or form.

If I could use THIS post " reply " to someones question, post or entry that I too honestly think I do not want nor need to be posting here but after hours of reading ( and I want to come back to this " hours of reading subject as part of what is more than likely a complaint at/with Mozilla mostly because all of you big guys should consider that going back years ago this problem never ever existed. There was always a clear button / place to post the most basic, simplest question for those of us who feel like we are all thumbs. But over time YOU BIG GUYS start creating these high class information overloaded websites that I have been monitoring jow long it takes newbies and average Joe's and Janes who really want to ask a simple question and not need to read the Books of Knowledge just in hopes of find THE PLACE to start.

So allow me to suggest for everyone of us who want to find that starting place and not need to invest HOURS with " do diligence TRYING to find the right place to post a simple patient zero type of question but as I did today and yesterday and numerous other days over the past few months ISO ( In Search Of ) the place to have how to do such a thng that now seems to be gone forevermore unless someone creaky HEARS what I'm saying and either takes my suggestion or comes up with one of their own that does not intimidate a user who want's some basic questions asked.

Imagine a page with just a few words that says: Got a simple question> Start here. AND IF you wanto to give a few examples without the canned answers you can even do that but simple is best. ALWAYS and ALL WAYS have those simply questions be answered on PAGE 2 the next page. and if there are so many questions MAYBE you can add a few humble words admitting that you SEE and THINK that question 1 is similar to question 5 7 and 9, You can suggest the we take a moment to see if we can see how that answers are similar

I;ve been around for a long time so when I taught both PC and MAC beginners in a local SIG ( for thought who don't know what that means allow me to share a bit of history by starting with a convession that I had to ask what an "SIG" meant. But when computers were new and the rage of all people especially seniors " Computer Clubs popes up and in towns across the county. Usually there were MAC clubs and PC clubs and seldom were both taught under the same roof.

I started on APPLE/MACs but there was a point in computer history that Mac's looked like they were heading for the junk pile heaps with Dumont TV's, Henry J, and Hudson autommobiles thayt got burried by " the big 3 "Ford GM, and Chrysler. Why was this going to happen? Apple started thinking out it senior work force and Steve Jobs got voted out of his own company and it looks like Apple was on it's way to the Dumont junk yard, I was told that NOW is the time to learns PC's because they were REAL COMPYERS and APPLE's were toys and would soon be gone.

The people who believed in JOBs got him to come back to his company that was already in flames, But like the Pheonics he came back stronger than ever and the rest is history, Meanwhile I learned PC;s and taugh both in my SIG for seniors.

Besides a simple start page where " STUPID QUESTIONS are welcome because if YOU don't even understand what a computer does ( that was me ) then you need to learn by asking those stupid questions.

Here I can even find subjects so I can chose just one of them and start a " NEW DISCUSSION "

and after all of these words let me see if I can ask my " stupid question " and hopefully show the smart people who create these labor intnesive and word heave pages that I spent over an hour looking for the place to ask my question.

I've been struggling with passwords and love that Firefox remembers them and even better yet there's a place to go and find ALL of the passwords remembered,

But nowhere can I find a place with these simple words: "ADD" meaning I want to ADD a user name and password. I can't find such a place and maybe no place like that exists. It that is true then can someone explain why not and if there is a work around.

Read my forum version of War and Peace, hope you are entertained. And REALLY helps me find the way in firefox to add a new frequently accessed websire.

Thank you so much for READ ALL OF MY WORDS, and IMAGINE what it's like reading all of the pages upon linked pages that doesn't give me a simple answer.

Peace, Love, and All That JAZZ>